Somebody Somewhere Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

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Recently the final episode of Somebody Somewhere Season 2 premiered on HBO and fans are already thrilled about the new season. Although there has been no such renewal news from HBO we surely think HBO wants to have more seasons of the Bridget Everett series. Somebody Somewhere is not a generic show but it surely portrays the part of the society that we don’t always catch on TV.

The authentic story of Somebody Somewhere makes it unique hence people are expecting HBO to renew the show for another season. Although it may take a long time for HBO to decide whether the show gets a renewal or not because they want to check the viewership and the accumulating numbers for the show. HBO is known for its speculation regarding bringing esteemed shows for another season financially but fans are still hoping for season 3. Due to the writers’ strike and the long procedure, it might take some time to bring the show back to production but stay tuned.

Somebody Somewhere Season 3: Will it be renewed or canceled?

The season 2 finale episode was released recently, there has been no official news for the renewal or cancellation of the show Somebody Somewhere in HBO but given the authenticity of the show and the nongeneric storyline, fans are looking forward to another season. Let us hope the accumulating numbers and viewers of the show are increasing every day so that HBO can put Somebody Somewhere Season 3 on production sooner than later.

Somebody Somewhere Season 3: What could be the show’s plot?

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The show is based on platonic love. In the drama series on HBO television network, Sam, played by Bridget Everett struggles to fit in. With loads of loss and eventual acceptance, Sam’s main support system is singing and that leads her on the journey of self-discovery and a whole new community of others who don’t fit in the ideal world but never give up. There are other characters like Sam’s friend who also happens to be her coworker, Joe, played by Jeff Hiller, and her sister Tricia, played by Garrison.

Somebody Somewhere Season 3: Who would be starring in the season?

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We can expect the following cast members in the new season if it gets renewed.

  • Bridget Everett as Sam
  • Jeff Hiller as Joel
  • Mary Catherine as Tricia Miller
  • Danny McCarthy as Rick
  • Jane Brody as Mary Jo
  • Murray Hill has Fred Rococo
  • Mercedes White as Tiffani
  • Kailey Albus as Shannon
  • Tim Bagley as Brad
  • Jennifer Mudge as Susan.

Somebody Somewhere Season 3: Rating for Season 2

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The second season ratings averaged 0.03 in the 18-49 demographic with over 1,50,000 views. Presently it’s rated 100% in the Tomatometer of rotten tomatoes with a 92% average audience score. On IMDb, it’s rated 8/10, owing to the popularity and uniqueness of the show. If the present trends keep up, we can soon hope to hear the renewal status of the show by HBO.

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Frequently asked questions about Somebody Somewhere Season 3:

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Is Somebody Somewhere renewed for season 3?

Currently, there has been no such announcement from the HBO television network for the renewal of the show but stay tuned for recent updates.

How many seasons does Somebody Somewhere have?

As of now, there are 2 official seasons of the series Somebody Somewhere aired on HBO television network with the finale episode of season 2 aired on TV.

Who are the creators of the show Somebody Somewhere?

The creators are Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen who also happens to be the executive producer of the show starring Bridget Everett as Sam, the main character of the show.