Spellbound Season 2: All you need to know

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The love for dancing takes people to great heights. Art, as a form, makes people unwind and explore their true potential. It disconnects them from reality and helps them shape a reality of their own. What happens when you go to all extents to achieve your dreams? What happens when you are nostalgic about being away from home, in a state of homesickness, but also eccentric to achieve your dreams? What if you then go to a place that feels like Deja Vu and uncover secrets you were not prepared for?

Full of hopes, aspirations, and drama with a pinch of supernatural in it, Spellbound first came in 2023 with the first season. Despite having a rating on IMDb of only 4.1/10, viewers liked the show. Nonetheless, as the season has ended, audiences are busy anticipating if there will be another season. Well, they do not have to worry as we have got you covered. Here is all you need to know about Spellbound Season 2.

Is there going to be Spellbound Season 2?

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With the first season releasing the finale episode on 31st August 2023, fans are willing to know if there is a season two or if this is the end. There is still no official renewal of the series, as it has just been a few days. It is too early to comment on whether there will be a season two as well. Considering the writer’s strike and other political disturbances and the show not performing as per the expectations, chances are the makers will just do away with the show completely. But that only time can tell.

Expected Release Date of Spellbound Season 2:

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As the first season completed airing on 31st August 2023, we are not expecting a renewal status before the end of 2023, and if it follows the timeline, the show should be here around May 2024. But with silence on the maker’s end, we do not know what is brewing.

Expected Cast of Spellbound Season 2:

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If there is a new season, we are expecting the same cast to return. We will see,

  • Hailey Romain as Cece Parker Jones
  • Rik Young as Armando Castillo
  • Charles Baker as Kevin
  • Raven Dauda as Ginger Jones
  • Zac Gabriel Werb as Finn Cassidy
  • Malou Beauvoir as Lizzie Jones
  • Imogen Mackie Walker as Amy

While there can be changes, we cannot say anything until the official announcement comes in.

Expected plot of Spellbound Season 2:

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The show will start from where the finale ended. Cece was focused on her dancing career and excited that, as a 15-year-old, she would be accepted in one of the best dance schools to learn ballet. She will be more involved with her virtual friend, who helps her break the curse and finally enter the world of magic. It is shown that Cece is mature for her age and has to face Juliet, a mystic whose intentions are unknown and dicy. The next season will also continue on what she does after finding out about her History with Kevin, her mother’s marriage, and the magical world. The show will focus on Cece as center and all the other characters on the periphery.

Where to watch Spellbound Season 2?

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The show can be watched with a premium subscription on Hulu and all other platforms that support Hulu shows.

Recap of Spellbound Season 1:

Spellbound | Full length Trailer | Hulu

A touch of magic to the world of mysteries, Cece is a 15-year-old leaving her dream life and adjusting to her new dance school. Aspiring to be a ballet dancer away from home, this adolescent stumbles upon a book of spells in her grandmother’s room, more of a lab for making drugs. As shocked as she is, there are more spells to be broken, worlds to be conquered, hearts to be won, and dreams to be crushed. A fantasy drama created by Jill Girling, it looks at all the realities of life but adds the elements of mystery.

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