Squid Game Season 2: Korean stars and Season 1 characters we would like to see in the new season

Squid Game Season 2
Squid Game Season 2

A show which is a game, or is, at least, based on one, a trick to fame and a way to make lots of money, the games are of childhood, the ones you might have played a million times earlier, but this time with only one condition – if you lose, you die. A sensation that took Netflix and Korean Drama industry by storm, the Squid Game recently announced its Season 2.

Amid all the speculations around Squid Game Season 2, let us reimagine all the characters that are important and the South Korean stars who should be a part of this new season. And let’s be honest, it would be a treat to watch them all in one frame.

The essential characters who should return:

We all saw this Netflix show in quite a depth. Now there were a few main characters who were focused on the show and made it to the hall of fame. The ones left alive will make a spot in Season 2. But we forget there were unnoticed characters that, if paid attention to will giveaway the new season’s plot as well.

The Old Man:

Squid Game Season 2

The creator of this entire game, Player 01, was dead at the end of the season, but what if he has his relatives taking over? This man has set the base for all the reasons the domino of the show kept falling down one after the other.

The Friend’s mother:

Seong’s best friend, who was an educated Bankrupt man, was dead. His mother received the money and a boy to take care of, can she be the one raising the child to get him to get her the truth?

Kang Sae-byoek’s Brother:

Squid Game Season 2

He can grow up and be one of the players or one of those people who are curious enough to find out what happened to his sister.

The Card-Game player:

Squid Game Season 2

Who is this player who continuously stands at the station, offering money for the card game? Can he be one of the kingpins? Or the relative of the old man?

The VIP’s:

Squid Game Season 2

Many of the VIPs were still left, though unnoticed they can be surely one of the troublemakers in the next season and we would definitely want to see more of them.

The Game Operator:

Squid Game Season 2

A brother, who took his own sibling’s life is the operator of the game. What was his reason to be a part here? Was it the money, or are there any secrets hidden? We want this character a little bit more screen space for the truth to unfurl.

Ali’s Son:

Ali is shown sending his wife and son away, so it is possible the boy grows up to be a part of the game today and reflects his father’s qualities, or, at least, tries to dig into the truth.

Seong Gi Hun’s Daughter:

Squid Game Season 2

Seong’s daughter can be pulled into the game if the purpose is to reunite. And this would be the only force to drive Seong to stop living glum and come to terms with all that happened.

South Korean stars who would make for great additions to Season 2:

While a returning cast is definitely exciting, what is, even more, is to see your favorite stars in a series as crazy as Squid Game. So, here are all the stars we would like, or absolutely love, to see in Squid Game Season 2.

Lee Min Ho

Squid Game Season 2 2

For sure, if we need to have someone play Kang’s brother, it will be him. Charming, smart, and with a personality that appeals to all, he is the fit.

Bae Suzy

Squid Game Season 2 4

After having shows like While you were sleeping to her name, she would make a great fit for the role of Seong’s daughter so that a possible love affair between Kang’s brother and her can be explored.

Song Hye Kyo

Squid Game Season 2

Though not certain about which role would suit this versatile actress, she has to be a part of the show’s cast.

Abhishek Gupta

Also known as Lucky, this fresh face would surely make a fit as Ali’s son.

Park Seo Joon

Squid Game Season 2 3

After his renowned role in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, he definitely needs to be a part of this genre as this would be something different.

For all the above mentioned stars, these roles would be challenging and outside their comfort zone which will make it all the more fun and set the bar higher for Squid Game Season 2.

We all would love to have Squid Game Season 2 hit Netflix and that too very soon, else the plot analysis will never stop flowing in for the infinite number of unanswered questions in Season 1.