Squid Game Season 2: What to expect?

Squid Game Season 2
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Remember the good old days when we played in the backyard, free from all the worries of life? Our friends were our world, and the games we played with them were the best memories of our life even after growing up? Silly games with them whether it was running and catching or simply going around making houses made of sand, all made sense to our younger selves.

And then, life happened, and we grew up. The child in us got lost, and the constant hunger for money and power took over. We stopped missing our friends amidst the chaos life put us through. But then came a show in our life that not just took Netflix by storm but even reminded us of our childhood and all our old friends, but with a twist of power and politics.

This Korean show was a record-breaker when it came to the Superhit charts of Netflix. It remained on the top 10 list for a very long time and had prominent actors from the Korean industry. Yes, we are talking about the shooting doll and the Dalgona candy show, Squid Game.

Squid Game Season 2 

Squid Game is expected to return for a Season 2 but not soon. The news itself is enough to keep our excitement level high and make us anticipate what could happen in Squid Game Season 2.

So, here we talk about the expected plot and the course of action. We will also see the list of games and the number of players Squid Game Season 2 can have, as fans have set really high expectations for the upcoming season.

What to expect from Squid Game Season 2?

Squid Game Season 2

Squid Game ended on a very disappointing and heartbreaking note for all of us. While many of us were questioning the actions of our protagonist Seong Gi Hun, some were wondering what season two would look like?

Well, we had already speculated Squid Game Season 2 plot in our previous article where we spoke about how the season two will have Seong Gi Hun taking his due revenge because he lost his very close friend to this particular game, towards the last round, and the truth he found out about the old man, also fondly called Player 1 was literally shocking. He felt cheated upon his trust being broken. We are also hoping to find the daughter of Seong Gi Hun, the son of Ali, siblings of other characters, including children of a few others. There can be chances of more kith and kin looking for their suddenly missing family members.

Questions that need an answer in Squid Game Season 2

Squid Game Season 2

Is there a possibility that the number of players might just increase because the VIPs now need more profit? Or is there a possibility that the number of players will decrease? There is also a chance that the angle of the pandemic can be taken into consideration. So the number of players can be reduced, and there is also a high chance of the amount being increased to induce more greed and bloodshed. There is also a possibility of Seong Gi Hun finding this particular hideout and actually busting this entire scam that has been happening, but how he’s going to do it will make it interesting to watch. What will be his plan of action? We are still not aware.

There was also a thought where we believe that the police can be in the picture and the colleagues of the dead police officer can be in place, and we are hoping that it happens that way because then we would get to see law and order winning over the evil which resides in the form of a corrupt civil system.

Another angle can constitute the family members going in prepared, trained by Seong Gi Hun in the games, to navigate their way and get enough evidence that can be used to show how humans were tortured in the name of economic instability faced by the country as a whole.

What games can we expect in Squid Game Season 2?

Squid Game Season 2

If one remembers Season 1, the games were the most intriguing part of the series. Their connotation to simple logic and childhood nostalgia just made the audience go gaga over it. The doll shooting game got so famous that it had video games designed on it. Whereas games like the Dalgona Candy and Hop on the Glass became classic hits on social media reels and shorts.

However, one thing in common was that all the games were a part of the players’ childhood and Korean culture. And based on that, we have given our special list of games that should make their way to Squid Game Season 2:

Neolttwigi or Nol-ttwigi:

Squid Game Season 2

A unique game where girls have to stand on a wooden plank and jump on it such that the other is suspended in the air, it is fondly played during winters. We can also call this a human see-saw. Adding the classic touch to it, the show might have this game as one of the secondary rounds where pairs will be asked to suspend each other in the air, and the one who drops on the floor first will be shot down.


Squid game season 2
Credit: Korea.net

It’s a game played during Korean New Year. A paper-made shuttle cock needs to be held uptight. This game can be a way to divide and rule or make teams that would fight amongst each other to kill and reduce manpower. Or, the one person left with the shuttle cock moves to the next round while the others are shot dead.

Biscuit Game or Hopscotch:

Copy of Squid game s02 games 2
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It’s a game in which a biscuit is made with chalk and stone is thrown, and the other player hops to it. It is also called Hopscotch. Now, if the player catches you tongue-tied, it’s simple, you die. This can be similar to the game of maze played in Season 1, where the one left, generally, a friend, is killed in front of your eyes.

Hide and Seek:

squid game season 2
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One game of manpower is mandatory, just like the gone season’s Tug of War. It would require intellect too. Hide and Seek would have teams and designated leaders who will use tactics and strength to pin the other down and take that fat sum home.


Copy of Squid game s02 games
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With the twist that the show offers, this game can surely be played with a Human Jenga. People can be piled up like a domino with their player numbers, and dice can be rolled. The number that comes on the dice depicts the one that dies. But along with that, whoever falls out of that arrangement when the player is pulled out, might also fall and die. This can be a replacement for the Glass tiles game.

The Game of Apocalypse:

Squid Game Season 2
A still from All of Us Are Dead

An interesting game. This can happen because of the love the Korean industry has for zombies and unknown creatures. Like the Doll game, there can be stationed zombies at various points in a mirror maze. A hint will be provided. For every question answered wrong, one bite will be rewarded; if they are not out of the maze answering the questions within 2 minutes, the remaining members will be crushed to death inside this maze itself or maybe shot dead by the red-clad guards.

While the excitement for Squid Game Season 2 is high, fans have been waiting for updates and more information. An eager wait remains for a trailer as well, or a first look, at least, as the fans cannot wait to have their players back on screen.