Stay Close Season 2: Everything you need to know

Stay Close Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Wondering if Stay Close Season 2 is renewed or not? Read on to check the latest updates.

Stay Close is a mystery drama miniseries based on Harlan Coben’s novel of the same title and produced by Red Production Company for Netflix. The series follows the life of Megan Pierce, who’s a mum living in Livingstone and engaged to Dave. They have three kids, but each one of them is fighting the battles of life.

Ray Levine was a talented documentary photographer once, but he lost the woman he loved, and it changed him completely. Now, he is working as a paparazzo-for-hire. Michael Broome is a detective still haunted by a cold case from seventeen years ago, when local husband and father, Stewart Green, disappeared without any trace. Green’s wife still waits for Stewart to return.

The story starts when another man goes missing on the anniversary of Stewart’s disappearance, and Broome takes the case into his own hands. His investigation opens some wounds of the past, and it leads to a couple of colorful psychopaths who are looking to complete their own mission.

The series was released on December 31, 2021, and fans were obsessed with this drama at the time. Now, they’re wondering about the possibility of Stay Close Season 2. If you are also waiting for the same, you are at the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know about Stay Close Season 2.

Stay Close Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Is it renewed or canceled?

There is no information regarding the renewal status of the series as of now, but there is some story left to tell after the first season, so we’re hoping that there will be a second season of Stay Close.

Richard Armitage told that the final twist, which revealed Dave to be a completely unwitting murderer, does leave a “tiny little door open” for a potential follow-up.

He added: “It’s such a brilliant twist, and one of the things that I like about it is the fact that you don’t really see what he’s done. You just know that there was somebody in the boot of that car.

“You don’t see him in the car, you don’t actually see the thing happen; it’s all in the viewer’s imagination. And of course, he doesn’t know what he’s done either, which I think is another brilliant opener for maybe Stay Close 2 – who knows?”

So, there’s a possibility of Stay Close Season 2

Stay Close Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Stay Close Season 2 Release Date

Since the series is yet to be renewed, there’s no release date for Stay Close Season 2 as of now. If we were to guess, we expect the series to arrive sometime in 2023, as most scripted shows operate on a roughly annual cycle.

However, if we have a close look, no Harlan Coben adaptations produced thus far have returned for multiple seasons. This makes it clear that if it has to be an exception, it needs to be extremely popular among the audience. While the chances are slim, it’s definitely not impossible, though.

You can watch the trailer of the first season if you haven’t watched it yet.

Check out the trailer below:

Stay Close | Official Trailer | Netflix

Stay Close Season 2 Plot

In the last episode of season 1, we discover Lorraine is the person responsible for all the killings, and she has murdered one man a year after she was trapped in an abusive relationship. The first person she killed was Stewart Green, who was obsessed with Cassie, the pseudonym of Megan.

Lorraine leads Megan to the woods to see Stewart’s body and thinks that it would set her free, but instead, it prompts her to run away. Ray sees the body and disposes of it to protect Megan. In the end, we find out why Carlton’s body was never found. Because Dave had unknowingly drowned him in the boot of the car when he pushed it into the lake.

Lorraine takes responsibility for Carlton’s death as she decides to protect the girls. A question that will be answered in the next season is now Megan knows what Dave did. Will it affect their relationship?

Stay Close Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Stay Close Season 2: Cast

The main characters are expected to return for Stay Close Season 2, including:

  • Cush Jumbo as Megan Pierce-Shaw/Cassie
  • James Nesbitt as DS Michael Broome
  • Richard Armitage as Ray Levine
  • Sarah Parish as Lorraine Griggs
  • Eddie Izzard as Harry Sutton
  • Jo Joyner as DC Erin Cartwright
  • Youssef Kerkour as Fester
  • Daniel Francis as Dave Shaw
  • Dylan Francis as Jordan Shaw
  • Tallulah Byrne as Laura Shaw
  • Andi Osho as Simona
Stay Close Season 2
Credits: Netflix

How many episodes will be there in Stay Close Season 2?

The first season consists of a total of eight episodes. It seems that Stay Close Season 2 will follow the same format and have eight episodes.

Where to watch Stay Close?

Stay Close Season 1 is available to watch on Netflix.