Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date: Will the new season be delayed?

Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date: Will the new season be delayed?
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Is the Duffer Brothers’ science fiction horror drama television series returning in 2023 or not? Here is everything we know about
Stranger Things Season 5. 

Are you ready to reunite with your favorite gang with even more thrills, chills, and heartwarming moments that will keep them on the edge of their seats? If yes, then you have reached the right spot to learn about all the latest developments happening behind the scenes for the final season.

There is no doubt that the last season will delve right into new allies and enemies from the past, which will be more exciting than ever before and will ultimately turn out to be a great time to be a fan of Stranger Things with its gripping storyline that promises to be the most unforgettable ending to such an iconic series!

So, it’s time to get ready to dive back into the world of 80s nostalgia and supernatural occurrences to learn more about Stranger Things Season 5.

Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date: Will the new season be delayed?

Stranger Things Season 5: What is the current status?

If you’ve been keeping a closer eye on the 2023-24 streaming schedule, then we are certain that you might have noticed that one of Netflix’s most talked-about series, “Stranger Things,” is not mentioned on it, which is quite surprising considering the fact that the show was renewed for a fifth and final season back in February 2022! 

That’s not all! The recently released schedules for the platform also haven’t hinted at the potential release window of Stranger Things Season 5, leaving the fans quite worried about its fate. If you are wondering why the sudden delay in disclosing such information has happened, then we can assure you there is nothing major to be worried about. If you recall, the writing for the fifth season began in August of the same year. 

Moreover, the principal photography was set to begin in May 2023, making things go according to plan. But due to the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike, changes in the production were made, leading to its release date being sifted. Yes! One of the primary causes is the ongoing writer’s strike, which has been going on for many weeks and has significantly slowed down the creation of new episodes until the problems with the writers’ compensation are resolved.

Therefore, if it is not resolved sooner, there is a possibility that the series won’t return at all this year and will actually be set to make its official comeback in 2024 or maybe even later, along with other series. Considering the fact that it’s already been six months since 2023 started and this series relies heavily on VFX, which takes months to perfect before they can be released on the streaming platform for the public to enjoy!

Of course! This is only possible if the series’ production gets underway as planned in the coming months and the network agrees to release it without any more unneeded holdups that could develop behind the scenes. This can therefore be a significant factor in the premiere’s potential prolonged delay. In addition to this, we would like to emphasize that, at this point in time, this is just pure speculation! 

Anything can be changed in the coming months, and these details will be confirmed by the network. So, we urge the readers to be up-to-date with the official social media handles of the show. Until then, check out the official renewal announcement as shared on the official Twitter handle of Stranger Things, sharing a message detailing the final season, quote, “uoos noʎ ǝǝs” Take a look at the official announcement below:

Stranger Things Season 5: What will the final season be about?

The season will consist of eight episodes with the first episode titled, “Chapter One: The Crawl.” Considering the title series creators Matt and Ross Duffer previously told Tudum about the mythology and lore of the Upside Down. “We were like, ‘We know what’s going on in the Upside Down, more or less, but we want it to be unknowable. We want it to be mysterious,'” Matt Duffer explained. “But they were like, ‘Yeah, but can you write it down?’ And so we wrote it all down.” These hints at the ploy can be attributed to the theme of the last season. 

Furthermore, the Duffers have also stated that the fifth season will delve into various lingering mysteries. These mysteries include the government program at Hawkins Lab and “what happened to it once Henry became involved”, saying the final season will expand upon how Dr. Brenner “evolved it” into including multiple kids. In addition, the Upside Down being seemingly “frozen” on November 6, 1983, will also come into focus as a major plot point, which will be quite exciting and worth watching as a part of the final season!

Recently, speaking to, star Caleb McLaughlin noted that he has not read the Stranger Things Season 5 script yet but he has a general idea of what’s to come, quote, “I haven’t had a chance [to read the script] but I have an idea of what’s going to happen. I know some stuff,” McLaughlin said. Further adding, “Right now, we’re supporting the writers. I think it’s going to be good, though. I think it’s going to be really good. I think people are going to be happy. I don’t know too much that is going to happen, but until the writers’ strike is over, I’ll be able to get more information.”

According to the Duffers Brothers, the final season will likely not introduce new characters and will focus on the established ones which are as follows: Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, David Harbour as Jim Hopper, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair, Noah Schnapp as Will Byers, Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield, Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler, Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers, Joe Keery as Steve Harrington, Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley, Brett Gelman as Murray Bauman, Priah Ferguson as Erica Sinclair, and Paul Reiser as Dr. Sam Owens. 

Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date: Will the new season be delayed?

Is there any new spin-off series for Stranger Things?

Although Stranger Things will conclude with season 5, the great news is that the show’s creators are already considering the notion of a spin-off, which they have hinted will be very different from what fans might be anticipating. “I’ve read these rumors that there’s gonna be an Eleven spin-off, that there’s gonna be a Steve and Dustin spin-off, or that it’s another number,” the Duffer Brothers said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast in July 2022.

“That’s not interesting to me because we’ve done all that. We’ve spent I don’t know how many hours exploring all of that. So it’s very different.” The spin-off, according to Matt and Ross, will instead be linked to the original series by “storytelling sensibility,” whatever that may entail. In addition, they vowed that the franchise wouldn’t end. “There are still many more exciting stories to tell within the world of Stranger Things: new mysteries, new adventures, new unexpected heroes.”

Further emphasizing, “But first, we hope you stay with us as we finish this tale.”

On the other hand, more recently, in April 2023, Netflix announced a straight-to-series order for an animated series that is set in the Stranger Things universe. The animation for the series is being provided by Flying Bark Productions, with Eric Robles, the Duffer Brothers, Shawn Levy, and Dan Cohen as executive producers on the show. It is unclear if this series is related to the rumored Stranger Things: Tokyo anime series, and lastly, a live-action spin-off of Stranger Things, separate from any animated version, is still in development.

Stranger Things Season 5: Where to stream?  

All the episodes of Stranger Things are available exclusively on Netflix, with other series of the same genre also accessible with a range of membership options. The video quality and the number of screens you can use to stream Netflix simultaneously depend on the package you choose. The basic membership starts at $9.99 per month, and the standard membership starts at $15.49 per month, with no additional cost for any of their services.

We would also like to mention that the network hasn’t released any new promos for the final season due to the sudden halt in production. So, in order to be up to date with the plot, we urge the viewers to stream the fourth season, from which the plot will continue for the last gateway between Upside Down and the normal world as our scattered friends face a frightening future. But it’s only the beginning. The beginning of the end.

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