The Chosen Season 4: All you need to know

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Biblical stories, the idea of doomsday, the genesis and how we originate, and the idea of how Jesus is a messenger, blended with the relatable fictional aspect, are what help people educate and learn about religion more closely. With religion studies making their way to Sociology and Social Psychology, it is high time we realize that such infotainment helps understand religion from a more responsible point of view. One such show that has been ruling for quite some time now is The Chosen.

As the name suggests, it sees a young boy who realizes he is Jesus and has the power to help the town survive adverse famine without the help of advanced technology. With more instances from the Bible being included, fans want to know if the show will be back for a new season. Here is all we know about the chosen season 4 so far.

Is the Chosen Season 4 renewed?

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Yes. The show was officially renewed after it received the funding via crowdfunding means and now has decided to add more instances from the Bible. 

Expected Release Date of The Chosen Season 4:

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The show is expected to be released by January or February of 2024, as it has just begun shooting. The show would have come earlier, but its unique approach to only accepting funds from its fans and Pay it Forward scheme, we see that it would come by early or mid of 2024, but there is no official evidence to back up the same. We still do not have a teaser, trailer, or synopsis to know what exactly is happening.

Expected Cast of The Chosen Season 4:

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We would see the same characters returning, with;

  • Jonathan Roumie as Jesus
  • Shahar Issac as Simon Peter
  • Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdalene
  • Paras Patel as Matthew
  • Lara Silva as Eden
  • Yoshi Barrigas as Philip
  • Erick Avari Nicodemus
  • George Harrison Xanthis as John

Expected Plot of The Chosen Season 4:

Love and laundry on the set of Season 4

Created by TBN Films, UPtv and based on the Life of Jesus. This Dallas Jenkins show’s official synopsis reads as “Jesus, the son of a carpenter, helps numerous people, including a fisherman and a woman battling demons. Moreover, He preaches to all who lend Him their ears.”

Where to watch The Chosen Season 4?

Jesus gets muddy & Dallas bites the dust (it's stunt week!)

The following are the places where the show can be watched

  • Amazon Prime Video(Subscription)
  • The Chosen official site(Free)
  • Plex(Free)
  • Netflix(Subscription)

The show officially has a rating of 9.3/10, which is very high for an IMDb score.

Speculations around the show:

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PC: The Chosen Official Site

Once the show started shooting officially, there were many videos that came about the filming process and how, because it is a crowd funded show, they have even leased out the space, which they use as the set, now for other people to use it as well, which was not the case before.

There are a lot of speculations around Lionsgate acquiring the show, to which the maker said that the show is very good and has chances to be scaled at a global level. Therefore, Lionsgate is the perfect tool for them as they have the strength and experience in the areas where the direction can be lacking. But they have also respected the idea and the identity of the show to curtail the uniqueness and have ensured they will protect that.

When speaking to the Lionsgate president, he also hinted that the more he started to understand the show, the more he was intrigued and interested that it comes to the best platform, and theirs was the one because of the viewership it offers. The opportunity provided here would elevate this incredible intellectual property.

So that it acquires worldwide recognition and popularity. Today it has 110 million viewers from 175 countries. The plan is to make the show in 600 languages, as this comes from a nonprofit sector. It needs to expand to everyone. So yes, the show will be coming out officially by Lionsgate, which means the budget is higher. There can be a newer cast included, and it can have a greater camera presence as well.

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