The Good Lawyer: All you need to know about The Good Doctor spin-off

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“Most people’s brains prioritise details week out what seems unimportant, my brain doesn’t.”

Who would have thought The Good Doctor would need a lawyer to save his license? Most importantly, how did Glassman know Joni? Maybe the similarity Dr Shaun and Joni share or how both are born stubborn! Just like The Good Doctor is inspired by a South Korean drama, The Good Lawyer is giving the Extraordinary Attorney vibes, and we would be delighted to have the American version! However, there are some rising issues for The Good Lawyer release, and we’ll be honored to state them.

The Good Lawyer: what you need to know about the upcoming The Good doctor spin off

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What do you need to know about The Good Lawyer?

Before we start digging further to find out the reality, let’s take a moment to appreciate the crew who made the series possible. All thanks to David Shore for creating the show. As we know, the show is still in process, and the pilot has got out, which has lightened the whole fandom! Now fans are wondering what else we can get from The Good Lawyer! So let’s get ahead and discuss the issues!

The Good Lawyer: what you need to know about theupcoming The Good doctor spin off

Seems like The Good Lawyer is an inspiration from the good doctor as both the main leads suffer from specific disorders. You are aware of the pilot of the series, which got aired on March 13, 2023. We were introduced to Joni DeGroot and Jannet Stewart, who are the new legal representatives of Dr Shaun. Joni is a brilliant lawyer but suffers from obsessive compulsive order.

The Good Doctor 6x16 Featurette "The Good Lawyer" (HD) ft. Kennedy McMann

In the promo, we can see how Kennedy McMann is excited about the role, and she’s nailing it. However, it’s been a long time since the pilot got out, and fans are waiting for the first season. That’s something we should be discussing, or should we focus on how the shows have gotten unnecessary delays?

What’s causing the delay in the release of The Good Lawyer Season 1?

As soon as we witnessed Shaun and Joni’s sweet bittersome bonding, especially due to their similar disabilities and past. Now, fans have found a lawyer who gives the vibes of Dr Shaun but with a legal twist. Ever since Joni made its debut through the good doctor, we have been asking about its solo release. ABC was sure to release the show in the fall schedule of 2023, but that was before some unfortunate events.

The Good Lawyer: what you need to know about theupcoming The Good doctor spin off

As you all are aware, ongoing strikes are happening in the Hollywood entertainment industry. To jolt your memory, the WGA (writers guild of America) strike began in May 2023, and the SAG-AFTRA strike began in July 2023. Both strikes have gained momentum, due to which production houses have stopped their work. To date, both strikes are going on full force, and until the production houses offer some common ground, it’s unlikely for the strikes to come to an end.

Joni DeGroot Gives Her First Closing Argument - The Good Doctor

Since The Good Lawyer’s cast hasn’t been finalized yet, well, it was supposed to be done by now; however, the actor’s strike has pushed a pause button on that. From all we know, there are only two casts confirmed who have made their debut in the pilot. Since the casting needs to be done and the script needs to be written, we believe the show won’t be making its debut before 2024.

Is The Good Lawyer can get canceled?

There are rumors that The Good Lawyer is on life support or that ABC is planning to cancel the series before it even begins. Well, it can be considered a half-truth since the other half is what you need to know. According to Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva, the show might not make it if the strike stretches to October or November.

The Good Doctor 6x16 Promo "The Good Lawyer" (HD) ft. Felicity Huffman

She specifically quotes, “The pilot is not likely to get a series order but it looks promising if a WGA-AMPTP deal is made before that.” There are still chances, whether it’s 50-50. Hopefully, we’ll get the series. Until then, allow us to keep you updated with the latest news!