The Last of Us Episode 7: Release date, spoilers, promo, plot and more

The Last of Us Episode 7: Release Date, spoilers, promo, plot and more!
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“You have no idea what loss is.”

The Last of Us has given more kicks than a whole KitKat bar! Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have given us shock after shock in each episode. Who thought we’ll be able to see a normal lifestyle in the post-apocalyptic in which zombies, clickers, and other various monsters are walking on the earth? With Ellie being the only cure and Joel becoming her father figure, the show took a troll with its latest episode.

After the suspicious end, we all want to know what happens further. Don’t worry. We’ll provide everything you want to know regarding The Last of Us Episode 7!

The Last of us

With the latest release of Episode 6 on February 19, The Last of Us has created its mark, apart from the shadow of the famous video game. HBO has done a fabulous job with casting Pedro Pascal & Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie. Both actors deliver a fantastic performance in each episode, especially after the most recent episode. We can’t wait for The Last of Us Episode 7!

The Last of Us Episode 7 release date & promo:

Since the first episode of The Last of Us aired on January 15, 2023, we have watched Joel’s background at the start of Apocalypses & how he built a wall too high for anyone to reach his heart. We never got to know how Ellie survived or how she knew about her immunity. Finally, we are getting a background story of Ellie! The Last of Us Episode 7 is all about Ellie & her best friend, Riley Abel, with their first experience with a Clicker. 

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In this promo, we got to see how Ellie’s all alone after her best friend left. After her friend, Riley, pops up in the night and asks her to accompany her for a few hours in exchange for information regarding her disappearance. Ellie agrees while seeing the four wonders, in short, an amusement park. However, things took a turn towards hell when they fight & stumbled toward an unknown clicker. They both are fighting for their lives while trying to keep themselves alive. Will Riley tell Ellie everything, or she’s the one from while Ellie’s trust issues started? Stay tuned till February 26 to receive all of your answers.

The Last of Us Episode 6 recap (spoiler alert):

On February 19, when HBO released episode 6, we got to witness a side of Joel that he hides behind all those layers of self-defense. A vulnerable Joel that got out after his reunion with Tommy, his brother. Joel will save everyone around him, yet failing to do it, that’s what Joel tears apart. After losing Tesse at the beginning of apocalypse, Joel is once again experiencing the same panic for Ellie, who has unknowingly become a crucial part of his life.


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We saw how Joel experience a panic attack. On the other side, Ellie’s unable to understand what is happening to him. While Ellie herself finds it difficult to build a relationship as we all saw how she adored Sam and how she lost him. After arriving at Jackson, Joel and Ellie are amazed at how normal is it inside this small town. When Maria gives Ellie a haircut, she learns about Kevin and Sarah. Assuming both are Marta’s kids, however, she clears the air with Ellie as Sarah was Joel’s daughter.

The last of us episode 7


Ellie is shocked to learn this, while Joel’s unable to cope with panic as he notices someone who reminds him of his daughter. One of the most emotional scenes was how Joel is opening up to Tommy about his guilt, and the fear of failure while being unable to cope physically too. Both the brother are grieving, while Ellie tries to consult Joel to which he cruelly quotes,” You have no idea what loss is” angered at his audacity Ellies shouts at him,” Everybody I’ve cared for is either died or left me, everybody, except for you.” 

Wondering how Ellie is going to cope with Joel being wounded and collapsing on the ground while she’s begging him to open his eyes. Will Joel survive or Ellie’s fear of being alone will turn into reality?