The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 9: All you need to know about the finale episode

The Last of Us Season 2: Expected release date, plotline, recap & more!
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“I struggled for a long time with surviving’. And you, No matter what, keep finding something to fight for.”

After the dreadful end of episode 8, the series shocked us from the bottom. The Last of Us, the series based on people’s survival after the wild spread of the fungal infection, shows us how lucky we are. Sure, it’s all fantasy, and nothing about the series is real after all, it’s based on a video game. Despite that, the series has taught us some valuable lessons & now, when the finale i.e, The Last of Us episode 9, is almost here, we can’t keep calm!

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 9 is the last chapter of the season & fans ate screaming due to excitement! Well, many of us are waiting for the renewal for the second season. We also want to know just how deep Joel and Ellie are in the water. Keep scrolling to learn every bit of information about The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 9.

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 9 release date:

After watching, the darker side of the humanity of the apocalypse has sent shivers down our spine. Watching how lovely Tommy’s small town, Jackson and Jackson was hope for ordinary life in that environment was shattered after witnessing the horror of David and his cunt. Ellie got Captured while Joel is barely surviving & the episode seemed to take a darker turn. David, the two face person, controls his people through fear which is different from how Tommy’s town. HBO has done a remarkable job in turning the video game into a successful series & now the end of season one is almost here fans can’t stop buzzing about it. 

Episode 9 Preview | The Last of Us | Max

In the promo, we saw how Joel and Ellie depend on each other more than they ever did. They want to survive at any cost for which they are willing to pay any price. Episode 9, is gonna be the last episode of the season. We can depend on Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann to make it everlasting. “Look for the Light” i.e episode 9, will release on March 12, 2023.

The last of Us Season 1 Episode 8 summary:

Several things happened in the last season, which made us wonder what happened to humanity. While hunting to get food, Ellie encounters another group, David and James. They offer her medicines in return for his captured death meat. After treating Joel, hopefully, he will recover soon. David and his men capture Ellie the next day. They took her to their cunt where David reveals his darkest secret, he has been feeding human flesh to his group without their knowledge. He tries to explain to Ellie that she has a violent heart like him, but in return, she breaks his finger. 


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On the other hand, Joel’s recovery is rapid & he gets up to find Ellie. David’s men get tortured by Joel to give him their camp’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Ellie murders James in self-defense. On the run, David hunts Ellie down, but she murder’s him with a butcher knife to save herself. After finally escaping, Joel finds her, and both embrace each other. Ellie being in an emotionally unstable place while Joel calming her down was something, that made our eyes watery. Let’s hope to watch the dynamic duo of Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 9.