The Last Of Us Season 2: Everything you need to know

The Last of Us Season 2: Everything you need to know.
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“We finish what we started.”

The Last Of Us Season 1 has been a phenomenal journey to cover with Joel and Ellie. In the beginning, both hate each other, but after walking down the path together, and eventually become inseparable. The pair have suffered a lot while keeping each other alive, Joel’s love for Ellie is like he’s his daughter, while Ellie loves and trusts Joel a lot. After the dramatic end of Season 1, fans are waiting for the next season. Joel’s big secret from Ellie whenever it gets out, their relationship might be strained.

Let’s hope till them they both find a common road. Fans’ most buzzing question is whether Joel should have done it or not, or what will happen when Ellie finds the truth. All of these inquiries can be answered after the release of The Last Of Us Season 2!

Is The Last Of Us Season 2 renewed?

The video game adaptation, The Last Of Us, released its first episode on January 15, 2023, & since then, we have been intrigued by the show. The visuals, the scenes, the emotional turmoil, and the actors, everyone has done a fantastic job. Maybe that’s why the show has suppressed HBO’s House of the Dragon popularity. Rotten Tomatoes have an approval rating of 96%, while several reviews among the 417 total claim to series to be binge-worthy or universal acclaim or the best adaptation of a video game. We can discuss the love and appreciation season 1 received, but what’s the point? 

The point is to prove how widely loved the series is, maybe that’s why HBO already renewed the series just after two episodes. On January 15, 2023, the first episode, When You’re Lost in the Darkness, written by Craing Mazin & Neil Druckmann, gained around 0.588 U.S. million viewers. Both Mazin & Drunkmann had a rough idea about what the love series might receive & after the release of the second episode, ‘ Infected’ on January 22, 2023, HBO was sure about the show’s success. Maybe that’s why the series got renewed On January 27, 2023, two days before the release of episode 3.

When can we expect the release of The Last oO Us Season 2?

Since HBO loves to make us wait for at least a year or two. We have to accept that we won’t be watching The Last Of Us Season 2 anytime soon. If you believe The Last of Us series is one of the most popular ones, we might be able to convince a sooner release of the second season from HBO. Well, you are wrong! Famous series like Westworld or House of the Dragon shows have the habit of waiting for two years before the release of the next season. Probably the strategy used to invite the audience to a larger number.


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We can’t make any estimates since the first season was completed a few days ago, on March 12, 2023. All we know is the writers are called into the writer’s room for the second season in February. So when the script will be complete or when the filming will begin, all of those facts are unknown. What else we know is The Last Of Us Season 2, is based on the video game’s second edition, which indicated more hatred in the path of Ellie and Joel, and of course, a little time jump!