The Neighborhood Season 6 is not coming in 2023

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Credits: CBS

The Neighborhood series, by nurturing a comforting plot, covers the concepts of empathy and compassion. They kept the tone very light-hearted, going easy on the audience. It carefully but effectively covered socio-political issues like class, race, and gender through its narrative. This opened a new possibility of debate and contemplation for people. 

Fans’ anticipation knows no bounds, for they’ve been waiting for this show’s premiere. Read along to find out more about the show’s release. 

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When is The Neighborhood Season 6 releasing?

We don’t have great news for The Neighborhood fans. Unfortunately, the 6th season will not premiere on CBS this year (2023). We’re all aware that the Writers’ strike, which commenced on May 2nd, 2023, is still in effect. This has had an impact on the show’s release and schedule. We can’t place a finger on when, exactly, the show will release, considering how things are still heated up. However, mid 2024 looks like the best bet for now.

What to expect from The Neighborhood Season 6?

There’s no official report regarding the show’s plot, but a lot of fans have begun speculations over the possible storyline for the next season. The show portrays a family that migrates to Los Angeles from the Midwest. The main character, Cedric, realizes that not everyone in Los Angeles wants his friendliness and values. Expert mediator Dave Johnson has a fantastic sense of humor. He chooses to uproot his family from Michigan and move to California when his wife receives a job offer as a school principal in that city. He is looking forward to a new beginning in a new community with his son Grover. Their new dream home is located far from where they were raised.

the neighborhood
Credits: CBS

It’s understandable if fans are looking forward to the upcoming season, as it hooked fans with curiosity and enthusiasm. Fans of The Neighborhood have been waiting a very long time to find out whether the show would receive a second season and what kind of compelling story it will have. The Neighborhood season 6 has not yet received any official updates, so we must wait till it is formally renewed before learning what the next season of The Neighborhood will bring.

Who might be cast for The Neighborhood Season 6?

The cast has, undoubtedly, played a vital role in pouring life into the show’s plot. 

Calvin Butler, played by Cedric the Entertainer, is a strong-willed but warm-hearted dad. The portrayal of Dave Johnson by Max Greenfield shows the development of a timid neighbor into a loyal friend. The show’s wonderful cast is enriched by the excellent supporting ensemble, which includes Beth Behrs, Tichina Arnold, Sheaun McKinney, Marcel Spears, and Hank Greenspan.

The entire crew, too, did a wonderful job uplifting the show’s narratives. 

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Credits: CBS

Creators: Jim Reynolds and Nahnatchka Khan

Executive Producers: Jim Reynolds, Nahnatchka Khan, Cedric the Entertainer, Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum, Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor, and Jeff Astrof

Directors: James Burrows, Mark Cendrowski, Jason Winer, Peter Shin, Fred Goss, James Widdoes, and Gail Mancuso

Writers: Jim Reynolds, Nahnatchka Khan, Cedric the Entertainer, Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum, Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor, Jeff Astrof, Michael Rowe, Alex Herschlag, Brian Bradley, and Tim McAuliffe

Where to watch The Neighborhood Season 6?

All seasons of The Neighborhood are available on CBS and Paramount+. When the 6th season airs, it will be ready to stream on the same platforms.