The Watchful Eye Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

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Credit: Freeform

The opening of The Watchful Eye is impactful as a wealthy woman takes her own life by leaping from her apartment. Soon after, the head of the family starts interviewing numerous nannies for his son and ultimately chooses Elena. However, we later discover that Elena has been collaborating with her detective boyfriend to achieve illicit goals. Throughout the show, we are gradually introduced to the various mysterious and enigmatic characters living in the high-rise apartment.

Additionally, there is a parallel plot line involving the building’s eerie basement, which has horror undertones. Although there is a possibility that the show may become more engaging in later episodes, the first two episodes provided by the streaming service are quite lackluster. The plot is executed in a tedious manner and resembles a Spanish television soap opera or telenovela. As a result, there is a high chance that viewers may lose interest after these initial episodes.

Will there be The Watchful Eye Season 2?

The new show has recently premiered and it’s uncertain if it will be renewed for a second season. However, the actors expressed optimism when they spoke with POPSUGAR in August. Molino hopes to continue playing her character in The Greybourne and explore more of the building’s history and haunted nature in a potential second season. Acker also suggests that the series finale leaves many questions unanswered, which sets the stage for a possible continuation. There are several unexplored aspects of The Greybourne, such as the introduction of new characters, that the actors are excited to see in a potential second season.

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Credit: Freeform

Season 1 of The Watchful Eye

After Ali wrote a note expressing her fear of her husband Matthew, Darcy delivered it to Scott, who then arrested Elena’s lover-turned-employer. Elena’s mother pressured her to finish a task and split the money with her, threatening to take away Elena’s brother if she didn’t comply. Mrs. Ivey objected, stating that she couldn’t withdraw $5 million on the day Matthew was arrested. Later, James kidnaps Elena, and she learned the whole story. She shared it with Tory and offered to help free Matthew in exchange for the $5 million. It was a really tough day for Elena.

The Watchful Eye | Season 1 Promo: A Look Ahead | Freeform


Ali intended to include a previously excluded branch of the family in the family trust, but Mrs. Ivey was worried about the possible threat to her legitimacy as the nanny was the biological mother of that branch. Mrs. Ivey wanted to prevent Ali from opening the trust but did not want her to be killed.

However, her husband, Dick, went too far by prescribing Ali medication that caused her to become suicidal before the board. When Ali jumped to her death, Dick’s daughter, Darcy, forged a suicide note. Tory later learned the truth from Dick after poisoning his drink, but was enraged by his callous attitude towards her sister’s death and ended up killing him with a pair of scissors. When Elena walked in on the violent scene, Tory said they needed a shovel.

Production of The Watchful Eye

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Credit: Freeform

In September 2021, Freeform granted a pilot order for a new series called The Watchful Eye. By June 2022, the show was picked up for a full series, which was created by Julie Durk and executive produced by Emily Fox, Ryan Seacrest, Nina Wass, Andrea Shay, and Jeffrey Reiner. Emily Fox also served as the showrunner, while Jeffrey Reiner directed the pilot episode. The series is being produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions and ABC Signature. René G. Boscio was hired as the composer for the series in July 2022.

The show stars Andrea Londo, Warren Christie, Kelly Bishop, Amy Acker, Jon Ecker, Lex Lumpkin, Henry Joseph Samiri, and Aliyah Royale, with Mariel Molino replacing Londo in the lead role after the pilot was cast. Filming took place from April 26, 2022, to September 1, 2022, in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

In conclusion, The Watchful Eye is a new series that premiered recently, and the first season has come to an end. The show has an intriguing plot that involves mysterious and enigmatic characters living in a high-rise apartment building, with a parallel storyline involving the building’s eerie basement.

However, the initial episodes were quite lackluster, and there is a possibility that viewers may lose interest. Despite this, the show has been picked up for a full series, and the actors are optimistic about the potential for a second season. With unexplored aspects of The Greybourne and questions left unanswered by the finale, fans may be excited to see what comes next.