Too Hot to Handle Season 4: Renewal status, potential release date and more updates

Too Hot To Handle Season 4 release date cast trailer

Netflix is becoming ‘Too Hot to Handle’ with all of its spiced-up exciting, thrilling, and even bold content. And when one talks about excitement dating shows tops our list.

And why not? The concept itself has evolved. From sending love letters to proposing over messages to finally asking people out on a date in person, the concept of dating is no longer the same. If you are one curious soul who wants to know more about the concept of dating, it technically started back in the early 1900s. Before that, it was ‘courtship’, a rather unemotional process where a girl would sit down with her parents and shortlist suitable men according to their financial situation and social class. Not to mention, love would be out of consideration. 

As time passed by, and schools, colleges, and workplaces gave the youth a better chance to find their partner themselves without any parental intervention, the concept of dating emerged. Then came the decade of the 1960s when the modern-day hook-up culture was introduced. And there started the concept of what we call modern dating. 1965 was the year when the world’s first television dating show, The Dating Game went on air which kick-started a whole new TV genre. What started as television matchmaking, is now a whole different board game with a lot of drama.

Too Hot to Handle Season 4
Credits: Netflix

With shows like The Bachelor, Are you the One?, Baggage, Millionaire matchmaker, a whole new set of viewership has formed which, seeing the popularity of these shows, is massive. One such show is Too Hot to Handle. Three seasons of the show have already been on-air and were undoubtedly a blast. Since then, the viewers have been speculating the possibility of the fourth season.

So, here’s everything we know so far about Too Hot to Handle Season 4.

Is Too Hot to Handle Season 4 happening?

Keep your calm as Too Hot to Handle Season 4 is going to be back. Netflix has recently released an announcement that talks about all upcoming reality TV series ready to hit the platform, including Too Hot to Handle, Indian Matchmaking, Dated and Related, The Ultimatum, Jewish Matchmaking, etc.


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Before diving into details, have a look at the new announcement:

Netflix Reality Series Announcement | Love Has No Off Season

The announcement has come in the form of a song Love Has No Off Season which features Netflix boy band N-2-LUV members, Matt Barnett, Jarrette Jones, Harry Jowsey, Nathan Web, and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu. All 5 of them are reality TV stars and Harry and Both Nathans’ have been a part of the Too Hot to Handle squad earlier. They are being mentored by the original boy bander, 98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey. 

Too Hot to Handle Season 4 Release Date 

Too Hot to Handle Season 4
Credits: Netflix

As of now, all we know is that Too Hot to Handle will be back for a Season 4 and when remain unanswered. It might be probably after a few weeks or so that we might have a release date or, at least, be able to predict an exact one. But if you still want predictions, it can be as early as Summer this year, who knows? Hope for the best and brace yourself for some heat this Summer.

How many episodes will be there in Too Hot to Handle Season 4?

Too Hot to Handle Season 4
Credits: Netflix

Season 1 had 9 episodes in total. Season 2 and 3 have had 10 episodes each. So, we can expect the Too Hot to Handle Season 4 to follow the pattern of its two predecessors and stick with 10 episodes in total. The episodes get released in one go so it makes for a perfect binge-watch experience. 

What is Too Hot to Handle about?

Too Hot to Handle is another television dating game show created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett. The show is hosted by a virtual assistant named Lana, who helps the ten contestants go through a series of games, eliminations, and workshops. The contestants are primarily single youngsters who have been in multiple casual relations but are unable to make a genuine connection.

Too Hot to Handle Season 4
Credits: Netflix

While all the games and workshops are going on in a span of four weeks, the participants are strictly not allowed any kind of physical touch – the thought behind it is that it will foster more emotional-based bonds rather than physical ones. The game is started with one hundred thousand dollars however it decreases each time a rule is broken. 

Where to watch all the seasons of Too Hot to Handle?

All the previous seasons of Too Hot to Handle are available on Netflix to stream. 

Where to watch Too Hot to Handle other than Netflix?

Unfortunately, there are no other currently available ways to watch the show except on the said streaming platform. 

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The dating game show genre has a massive viewership because of which such shows keep rolling in. So, while you wait for Too Hot to Handle Season 4, do give a look at Love is Blind, Love On the Spectrum, Say I Do, and Dating Around.