Too Hot To Handle Season 6: Is it renewed or canceled?

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Miss your AI-powered cone-shaped relationship guru yet? Yes, we are talking about none other than the ethereal, the omnipotent, the Baddest Talking Cone of them all, LANA! 

Five immensely successful seasons full of inflated egos, unguarding themselves, real self-development, building meaningful connections over pure physical pursuits, and leaving the retreat with true love. We have seen it all over 3 years with not 3, or 4 but 5 SEASONS of TOO HOT TO HANDLE.

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Each season featured a faux host who made the contestants ( single people who favored pure lust over meaningful relationships) believe that they were in a purely Singles’ Show to have fun all summer long and play games with a promising cash prize at the end. However, behind this camouflage was Lana, the host of the show ( An AI-generated cone), who engineered the whole retreat. She gathered them in the retreat under the pretenses of this being a dating show, when in fact it is a retreat where the contestants cannot kiss, self-gratify, or have any intercourse for a month. Their entire summer!

But there is tempting prize money at the end, which amounts to $200,000 (which was $100,000 in Seasons 1 and 2). And…. there is a catch!

Every time someone breaks Lana’s rules, a hefty chunk of money is deducted from the final cash prize. Year after year, we witnessed the contestants smoldering this money, instead preferring to quench their lust. This retreat seems to be an exception where they choose sex over money!

However, there are redemption offers from Lana which include passing the ‘Ultimate Test of Chastity’ by spending a ‘no rule break’ night in the private suit, and most of the time, Lana chooses the couple who breaks the most number of rules by giving them a chance to redeem the cash they blew up! Plus, there are loopholes around these cemented rules, and they are in the form of blinking watches. Every time Lana senses a deep emotional connection between couples, the watches turn green, and the rules of the retreat do not apply to the couple as long as the watch remains green.

At the end of each season, we eagerly watch as true relationships emerge out of the retreat! That is honestly Lana’s magic!

After watching five seasons, we know what predominant question is running through your mind: Will Season 6 of Too Hot To Handle be renewed? Who won the prize fund in Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

Look no further, as we have all the necessary updates ready for you right here!

Too Hot To Handle Season 6: Is It Renewed Or Cancelled?

With that being said, it is too soon for a possible Season 6 speculation as the final part of Season five aired on 29th July 2023. Netflix might at least take a month to see if the series deserves a green light. This follows previous renewal announcements like that of Season 5 which was announced in January 2023, a month after Season 4 aired in December 2022.

Similarly, the Season 4 renewal announcement was made in February 2022, a month after Season 3 aired in January 2022.

As far as Season 6 goes, we have to wait till August or early September to find out its fate of renewal.

Don’t worry. We will be the first to update you on this!

Too Hot To Handle Season 6: Estimated Release Date


Given that there is no announcement yet for a Season 6 renewal, considering that Season 5 just aired on 14th July, we will have to wait it out till late August or early September to get an update on the same.

However, provided that Netflix announces a Season 6 renewal in late August we can hope for a winter release in January or February 2024. This is, of course, keeping in tune with the previous Seasons’ airing patterns.

You will find immense consolation in knowing that the current ongoing strikes will not affect the character or timings of reality shows, according to Collider. So we might expect a Too Hot To Handle Season 6 renewal announcement soon enough!

Too Hot To Handle Season 6: Cast

As far as casting goes, every season sees different ‘sexed up single horndogs’ (in the words of Desiree, not mine!) contestants from the previous season. Hence there is no telling who is on the contestant’s roaster for Season 6.

However, given that the narrator and the host have been constant throughout the five seasons, we can expect our favorite duo, Lana and Desiree, to be back!

Additionally, we failed to mention this earlier, but for the purpose of self-development and relationship growth, Too Hot To Handle organizes several workshops to enhance these ideals through the contestants. Two gurus particularly standout when it comes to leading these workshops, and they are none other than:

Brenden Durell, who is an intimacy expert, coach, mentor, and tantra guide who’s been an expert on the show since season two!



Shan Boodram, a relationship and intimacy expert who has been on the show since Season 1! This woman made ‘Yoni Puja”(or worshipping your vulva) a thing!

Credit: Deadline

We can definitely expect more self and couple development workshops from these two in Season 6.

Apart from that, since we do not have a formal rundown of the contestants for Too Hot To Handle Season 6, here is a list of members from Season 5 and what the official Instagram handle @toohotnetflix describes them as:

Isaac – A cutie from New Jersey, USA

Credit: Netflix

Courtney- A stunner from Houston, USA 


Dre – A hottie from Atlanta, USA


Hannah- A babe from Los Angeles, USA


Louis- A worldie from Hampshire, USA


Elys- A hottie from Switzerland


Alex- A charmer from London, UK 

Christine- A beauty from Texas, USA


Hunter- A hunk from Arizona, USA


Megan- A beauty from Cambridge, UK


Bryce- A heartthrob from Gold Coast, Australia


 Linzy- A flame from Hawaii, USA


Trey- Grenade drop! A tasty snack from Chicago, USA


Yazmin- Grenade drop! A knockout from Montevideo, Uruguay


Too Hot Hot To Handle Season 5: A Recap

Alex and Elys

Major Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched the final part of Too Hot To Handle Season 5, you should stop reading from here!

Season 5 episodes may have given us the worst cliffhangers throughout the course of 5 seasons. And the fact that there was a weekly gap between these end-of-episode cliffhangers was even more nerve-wracking.

The cash prize that Lana was prepared to give out initially stood at $200,000! However, the contestants were extra lustful this season and ended up bringing the cash prize down to $100,000. Literally half the proposed prize! Some notable money blowups featured A 12-MINUTE KISS between Elys and Alex and mutual gratification between Christine and Louis. However, nothing compared to when Dre (this season’s DETECTIVE), who took it upon himself to keep an eye on others thinking they would break the rules, DID IT HIMSELF! Everyone was shocked, but Lana appreciated his honesty.

A lot of bed hopping by Isaac (who was also kicked out of the retreat by Lana along with Hannah), girl power, and unresolved feelings, but the best part was Loius coming out of his shell and accepting his mistake to win back Christine.

And let’s talk about our selfless girl Elys, who also happened to be the winner of Too Hot To Handle Season 5 with a cash prize of $100,000. She decided to share half of the cash prize with Dre, the other finalist, which was honestly heart-warming to watch.

Too Hot To Handle Season 6: Official Trailer

Since there is no news on the renewal of Season 6, we don’t have an official trailer in possession. We will be sure to update you with one once we get our hands on it. Meanwhile, you can catch up on Seasons 1-5 streaming exclusively on Netflix, provided you have a subscription.

With that being said, here is the official trailer for Too Hot To Handle Season 5:

Too Hot To Handle: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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