Too Hot To Handle Season 6 release date updates, cast, plot and more

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Too Hot To Handle has finally returned to Netflix for its fifth season after a seven-month hiatus, and we can’t wait to hear that familiar Lana ping sound, indicating that someone has breached the rules.

If you haven’t seen the series previously, Too Hot To Handle gathers together a diverse collection of single people from around the world and pushes them to create lasting bonds without participating in physical intimacy. Lana (the series’ virtual assistant) will fine anyone who violates the rule of no physical closeness, and the punishment will be taken from the group’s ultimate prize money of $200,000. And those passionate kisses do build up after a time. The fifth season is due to release on Netflix on July 14th, and based on the cast roster, we know we’re in for a fantastic season. But, after Season 5, will Lana return for a sixth season of the show?

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When will Too Hot To Handle Season 6 release?

We don’t have formal word that Too Hot To Handle is coming back for a sixth season just yet, but given how popular the past seasons have all been. We can’t see why not. Season four was announced in February 2022, a month after season three aired, and season five was officially announced in January 2023, a month after season four aired in December 2022, according to Netflix. Given this timeframe, we should find out if there will be another season of Too Hot To Handle in late August or early September.

What to expect from Too Hot To Handle Season 6?

If Too Hot To Handle season six is announced, we may anticipate it to continue a similar trend to prior seasons. Too Hot To Handle follows a group of young individuals from all around the world who all admit to having difficulty with intimacy and making connections. They are informed they are competing in a new dating reality program, frequently with a challenging aspect, but this is a ploy, and they discover they are, in fact, on Too Hot To Handle on the first day.

In order to build more developed and emotional bonds with their fellow cast members, the cast is then barred from participating in physical intimacy or self-gratification. If they violate this restriction, each sexual interaction or kiss results in a fee that is removed from the group’s total reward pool $200,000.

At the end of the series, one participant is generally selected to have the most self-development and is granted the remaining prize money.

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Who might be cast for Too Hot To Handle Season 6?

We will not know who will be in the cast until season six is announced. Previously, the cast included candidates from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. The series narrator Desiree Burch, who has done the narration for the previous four seasons, is one person we would surely anticipate to return.

Where to watch Too Hot To Handle Season 6?

Season five of Too Hot To Handle was released on Netflix on July 14th. When season 6 gets a green light, it will be available on the same platform.

Too Hot To Handle Season 6 trailer

Unfortunately, there’s no trailer announced for Too Hot To Handle Season 6 just yet. Stay tuned for further updates.