U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Chemistry Division Responds Covid-19 Pandemic In Record Time

The United States Naval Research Chemistry Division has said that it had responded Covid-19 Pandemic in record time of four-days after the request for shipboard decontamination strategies. The medical experts in the technical team have immediately recommended formulated disinfectant products to disinfect the ship and sailors infected with the Covid-19 pandemic.

A leading research chemist, Jim Wynne led the disinfectant team. He is a leading expert on surface decontamination based on the quaternary ammonium family of compounds. These ammonium family of compounds are known to destroy fungi, bacteria and other viruses that can cause harm to the people.

Corrosion is a key component for shipboard application that employs a wide range of metals and nonmetals products in various household applications.

Leading Chemist, Mr. Jim Wynne said, “Quaternary ammonium compounds were the most sensible solution for large area shipboard use, because they can effectively deactivate the virus by destroying its protein membrane.”

“There are other chemicals that can be used to deactivate the virus, but they would be more corrosively aggressive to a ship’s delicate ecosystem.”It’s always important to follow the manufacturer’s product guidelines. From my experience, these kinds of disinfectants should reside on the surface for about 10 minutes to be considered sanitized,” Jim Wynne further added.

Head of the Center for Corrosion Science and Engineering, Ted Lemiux said, “Our extensive fundamental knowledge of chemical processes and the naval shipboard corrosion prevention risks and reduction led to the speedy recommendation.”

Superintendent of Chemistry Division, John Russell said, “Our focus on basic chemistries allowed us to spring into action when required.”

“Our knowledge and awareness of the decontamination and corrosion issues helped us respond with recommendations that we knew would kill the virus, keep the Sailors safe, and not corrode component systems of the ship,” John Russell further added in his statement.

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