U.S Navy Finalized TRI Non-Conductive 209 Coating For Submarine Fleet

The United States Navy has said that it had finalized the Texas Research Institute Austin Non-Conductive 209 Coating for use on cable connectors in its Submarine fleet. The formal approval in this context was granted by the United States Navy’s Submarine Maintenance Engineering, Planning and Procurement Activity (SUBMEPP).

The Texas Research Institute Austin has got more than 2 decades of experience in delivering cutting-edge technologies to the Submarine fleet of the US navy. These include, composite material, adhesives, foams, greases and conductive and non-conductive coatings. The company manufactured a number of products for different domains, including the naval surface ships, military vehicles, aerospace and Submarines.

Business Development and Technology Transition Director of TRI’s Applied Technologies (TRI AT), Vince Newton said, “It is a proud achievement to now be able to offer the new TRI NCC 209 to the commercial and Navy customer base, after supporting sales and marketing of our successful plasma spray legacy NCC since 1999. Usage by the Navy will be a slow, gradual build, but has already begun.” said Vince Newton.”

The research institute has full control of both the processing and chemistry parts of the facility. This allows TRI to offer the top of the line products on the market, while continuing the development of other products for its clients.  The Non-conductive coating offered by the company reduces the chances of failure points, reduces costs, increases reliability and helps to ease up the operation by adopting several applications involved in the process.

The Texas Research Institute Austin was established in 1975 by Dr. Scott Thornton with the aim to perform rapid-response and advanced research and development in materials testing and advanced materials. The company is based in Texas and it delivers products and advanced material and technologies to NASA, the Department of Defense and other Non-Governmental, Governmental and commercial clients.

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