Unhuman: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and everything to know so far

Credits: Blumhouse

Since the concept of zombie apocalypse came into being, they are joined with words like gore, horror, fear, death, survival, doom, and a lot more. But who said that the zombie apocalypse just has to be all that? We do accept that it has a lot of death and gore and it always comes down to survival but a laugh or two in perilous times won’t get one killed and especially when one is watching it all unfolding from their couch, cuddling a blanket. 

So, coming with a little ‘glass half full’ perspective of a zombie apocalypse, Blumhouse Television and Epix are releasing Unhuman, and trust us when we say it is just around the corner. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming zombie comedy film, Unhuman:

Unhuman Release Date

The group of misfit teenagers and the Unhumans are ready to hit our screens in the upcoming movie, Unhuman on June 3, 2022 digitally. 

Unhuman Trailer

Paramount released the trailer of Unhuman and it is far from any other zombie genre titles because of the fact that it is a zombie comedy. Do check the trailer out:

UNHUMAN | Official Trailer | Paramount Movies

Unhuman Plot

The following is the official synopsis for the movie, Unhuman:

“The dead will have this club for breakfast. Blumhouse Television and EPIX bring you the story of a high school field trip gone bloody awry. Seven misfit students must band together against a growing gang of unhuman savages. The group’s trust in each other is tested to the limit in a brutal, horrifying fight to survive and they must take down the murderous zombie-creatures… before they kill each other first.”

As per what we perceive of it, it will be a different perspective on the zombie genre. The series will follow a bunch of high school kids who will find themselves in a zombie apocalypse. The take is very different than the other zombie series like The Walking Dead, Z-NAtion, and Black Summer where the underlying feelings are purely fear, death, and survival.

However, with a bunch of teenagers, it would be anything but completely serious. Humor, sarcasm, sass, fun, laughter and friendships, everything will be there in the upcoming Blumhouse production. 

Credits: Blumhouse

Unhuman Cast

  • Drew Scheid

Known for titles like Halloween (2018), Mare of Easttown (2021), and Fear Street: Part Two – 1978 (2021).

  • Brianne Tju

Known for titles like I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021), Three Months (2022) and The Cow (2022).

  • Benjamin Wadsworth

Known for titles like Deadly Class (2018), Teen Wolf (2017), and Your Honor (2020).

  • Uriah Shelton

Recently he was seen playing the lead character’s love interest in the well-reviewed slasher horror comedy Freaky (2020).

  • Joshua Mikel

Known for his roles in series like Creepshow (2021), Doom Patrol (2020), Ozark (2022), The Purge (2019), etc.

  • Peter Giles

Known for titles like Jesus (2022), Murderville (2022), The Legend of Korra (2014), etc. 

Credits: Blumhouse
  • Lo Graham

Known for her roles in Daisy and Smiling Jack, Filthy Rich (2020), Beautifully Broken (2018), etc. 

  • Blake Burt

Known for his roles in There’s No Such Things as Vampires (2020), The Reliant (2019), The World We Make (2019), Murdered at 17 (2018), etc. 

  • C.J. LeBlanc

Known for his roles in titles like Long Slow Exhale (2022), Leverage: Redemption (2021), Queen Sugar (2021), December 21st (2020), etc. 

  • Angel Lia Spitale

She has worked as an actress in Unhuman (2022) but is well known for her roles as a stunt double in titles like Torn Hearts (2022), A House On The Bayou (2021), Demigod (2021), Reminiscence (2021), etc. 

  • Ali Gallo

She has worked in titles like The Sex Life of College Girls (2021), Before I Go (2021), Bunk’s (2021), The Carpool (2018), etc. 

  • Dana Wing Lau

Has worked in titled like On Fire, Ursus (2021), Saving Mary Alice (2021), Fetch (2021), etc.