Vampire in the Garden Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Vampire in the Garden Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Is Vampire in the Garden Season 2 in the making? Find out.

Vampires are one of the most fascinating creatures of the supernatural world. The never-dying, blood-sucking, always-young kind of beings that don’t exactly count among humans. Their need to feed on human blood always ends with a battle between their kind and humans and trust us, it’s brutal. The trope is not just common in live-action anymore, but in anime as well. And one of the recent ones in the trope is Vampire in the Garden.

The first season of the series aired on Netflix back on May 16, 2022. And since then the question arose whether there will be another season to it or not. Here’s everything we know about Vampire in the Garden Season 2:

Vampire in the Garden Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Vampire in the Garden Season 2 Renewal Status

As of now, there are no updates as to whether there will be Vampire in the Garden Season 2. But looking at the point where the first season ended, it seems like there is a lot more story to tell. The scope of character exploration and extending the storyline is wide, hence, the sophomore season of the series is very much expected to hit the screens and we might get a good news soon. 

Vampire in the Garden Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the series finished airing just a week ago. And it didn’t take long for the viewers to contemplate when and how the second season can be released. As no official announcement has been made for any upcoming season, so we can expect that there might be no work happening on that path. So if it gets renewed, creating the whole season will take its time and most probably it will hit the screens in the first or second quarter of the year 2023. 

Vampire in the Garden Season 2 Trailer

As there has been no confirmation for the second season of Vampire in the Garden, there is no new trailer for the series as well. Till one gets released, check out the trailer of the first season in case you haven’t watched it:

Vampire in the Garden | Official Trailer | Netflix

Vampire in the Garden Season 2 Plot

By the end of Season 1, Fine and Momo had to fight for their lives because of their dream to find Eden, a place where vampires and humans can co-exist and no bloodshed takes place. General Nobara tried to bring Momo back to the Central and charge her with treason for her own political gains. Allegro kept trying to bring Fine back and being persistent on his wish to see Fine fighting for their kind. But nothing happened the way they wanted to. Fine dies while saving Momo and Nobara couldn’t make Momo come back.

Now with Fine dead, the question arises that what will happen to Momo’s character. Will she find a new friend? Where will she head towards? What will be her goal now? All of it might be answered in Vampire in the Garden Season 2

Vampire in the Garden Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Vampire in the Garden Season 2 Cast

  • Momo: Voiced by Megumi Han in Japanese and Xanthe Huynh in English

Momo is a trainee soldier in a world where humans and vampires are at war. While the war was affecting her badly, she comes face to face with the Queen of Vampires and the two embark on a journey to find tranquility and peace. 

  • Fine: Voiced by Yū Kobayashi in Japanese and Larissa Gallagher in English

Queen of the Vampires who resists her role as Queen and wishes the war would end. Having lost the human love of her life, Aria, to the war she often wishes to die. Meeting a young human who resembles Aria she fosters her growing love for music and leaves the war behind as she learns to live again.

  • Allegro: Voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi in Japanese and Paul Castro Jr. in English

Fine’s childhood friend and loyal servant. He despises humans as he knows a human was the cause of Fine’s heartbreak and does everything he can to try to make her happy and bring her home when she leaves.

Vampire in the Garden Season 2
Credits: Netflix
  • Nobara: Voiced by Rika Fukami in Japanese and Lipica Shah in English

Momo’s mother and General of the human army. She has shown she loves Momo but prioritizes her position as General over motherhood, even willing to charge Momo with treason to suit her political goals.

  • Kubo: Voiced by Hiroki Tōchi in Japanese and Connor Fogarty in English

Nobara’s brother and uncle to Momo. Also a General in the army, he prefers fighting to politics and wields a katana in battle. His hatred of vampires runs deep as the woman he loved was turned into a vampire and he was forced to kill her. He is fond of Momo and criticizes Nobara for being a bad mother to her.

How many episodes will be there in Vampire in the Garden Season 2?

The first season had five episodes in total of around half an hour each. If the second season too will walk on the same path, we might expect five episodes in it as well.