VirBELA Collaborates With The Appreciated Media Holding To Build Customizable Pinnacle Virtual Film Studio

VirBELA has announced that the company has collaborated with the Appreciated Media Holdings or Appreciated Media to build Customizable film studio names as Pinnacle Virtual Film Studios. With the help of the collaboration, both the companies Appreciated Media Holdings and VirBELA would be working together to mutually develop a platform to transform traditional film studios to digital.

The proposed Pinnacle Virtual Film Studio will totally revolutionize the way actors, writers, directors and producers present their talent and work to different music and television companies. As part of this collaboration, production offices would start work in different bungalows. The Pinnacle Virtual Film Studios will present a golden opportunity to actors, producers and directors to mutually collaborate, grow and learn, like the way they normally do in a physical film studio.

Chief Executive Officer of Appreciated Media, Stephen Brown said, “We are so excited to collaborate with VirBELA and their team to develop the first-ever “Virtual Film Studio.”

“VirBELA’s platform and their robust features are perfect for Pinnacle, a division of Appreciated Media, to integrate the virtual film studio that we have been developing. There are many potential points of revenue within the virtual studio and now with this partnership, we hope that it will be up and running within the next 60 days,” Stephen Brown further added.

President and Founder of VirBELA, Alex Howland said, “We are thrilled to be able to offer Appreciated Media a safe platform and community to continue their business.”

“VirBELA allows businesses like Appreciated Media to continue to serve their community of producers, directors, writers and actors to learn, grow and collaborate in a safer environment while helping to minimize person-to-person contact,” President and Founder of VirBELA, Alex Howland further added in his statement.

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