Virgin River Season 4: Everything you need to know

Virgin River Season 4
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Virgin River, a Netflix drama series had left everyone wondering how will the story unfold after the major cliffhangers in the third season. If you are of the many fans who were waiting for this saga to continue, we’ve got some exciting news for you. Virgin River Season 4 is expected to premiere soon! Although not much information is available, we’re hoping that we’ll get to watch this romance drama somewhere this year.

Here is everything we know so far about Virgin River Season 4.

Virgin River Season 4 Release Date

Virgin River Season 4

The fourth season of this popular sitcom had reportedly begun its pre-production just weeks after the release of Season 3. It was officially renewed for the fourth season last year. As per Martin Henderson’s post on his social media page, the series went for post-production last year. We can expect this season to release anywhere between late April and July 2022, if everything goes fine and there are no more delays.

The cast also posted some behind-the-scenes photos, featuring Jack (Martin Henderson), Doc (Tim Matheson), Preacher (Colin Lawrence), Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth), and Ricky (Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey) in November. We’re hoping Virgin River Season 4 is not far away. Check out the official post below:


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In February of 2022, Martin Henderson, a.k.a. Jack, confirmed that he’s recording voiceovers for season 4 in post-production—boding well for the fourth season to be ready by the summer of 2022. “Back at work…getting season 4 good and ready for consumption,” he wrote on Instagram. 


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Virgin River Season 4 Trailer

As of now, there’s no official trailer for Virgin River Season 4 yet. However, we can expect one super soon.

Virgin River Season 4: What will be the plot?

In the previous season, many questions were left unanswered and the biggest question is who is the father of Mel’s baby? It could still be Jack – although we’re not too confident and it could more likely be the child of her late husband Mark. The future of Brady is not looking good as he has been arrested for shooting Jack at the end of the second season. Hope is expected to return but in what form is yet to be revealed. She became absent for most of the third season but it has been learned that she was at her aunt’s in another state and was taking care of her.

Sue Tenney served as the showrunner for Virgin River and has spoken to Entertainment Weekly about the expectation from Hope in Virgin River Season 4. “To us, it’s the recovery and what she’s dealing with – a traumatic brain injury. In a hospital and going through recovery, that’s not really where our show lives. But we’re very committed to what the truth of something is, so we’ll go to the edge of what’s the best recovery for this,” Tenney said.

Virgin River Season 4

“We always stick with the parameters, medically, but also we know at this point what we like to do, which are complicated emotionally drama-based stories,” Tenney continued.

It has also been confirmed that Lynda Boyd will come back for the fourth season in the form of flashbacks. Daniel Gillies has been teased a return to the show too saying: “Here’s what I’ll say, somewhat enigmatically, the good news about being the dead husband is that you can appear at any time. I’ll leave it at that.”

Virgin River Season 4

How many episodes will be there in Virgin River Season 4?

All the previous seasons had 10 episodes each and the pattern is likely to remain the same. Hence, we may expect 10 episodes in Virgin River Season 4.

Where to watch Virgin River?

Virgin River Seasons 1 to 3 are available on Netflix. Season 4 will also release on Netflix.

Virgin River Season 5 Renewal Status


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Yes. Virgin River is renewed for Season 5 as well. In fact, both Virgin River Season 4 and Season 5 got a green light at the same time.

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date

While Season 5 has already been renewed, there is not much information available as to when will we see Season 5. However, we could expect more announcements on Season 5 once Virgin River Season 4 releases.

Let us know in the comments section how excited are you for Virgin River Season 4 and stay tuned for more updates.