Virgin River Season 5: Predicted release date, spoilers, plot, cast and major updates

Virgin River Season 5: Predicted release date, spoilers, plot, cast and major updates
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“With romance, there’s even more drama,” is the motto for Virgin River Season 5. Continue reading to find out more. 

The 2023–24 broadcast season of Netflix has been amazing to binge-watch so far, the viewers have been able to explore many unique stories and characters in such a short time. On the bright side, that’s not all, as the upcoming months are going to be more delightful than ever.

There is so much more for you to discover! It’s safe to say that Netflix isn’t playing around, and this spring season has been exciting and well underway for subscribers. As many new updates about the beloved series have been alluded to all over social media and fan pages.

Yes! You guessed it right—one of them is the one and only Virgin River!

Virgin River Season 5: Predicted release date, spoilers, plot, cast and major updates

The potential release date of Virgin River Season 5 is something that the audience was interested in learning more about. Now, it has been hinted by the star cast that they will return to screens sometime in July 2023!

A few weeks ago, a widely shared video of  Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson answering fan questions went viral on Twitter, where they were anticipating that the show would most probably return in the next three months.

We would like to highlight that these details appear to be fairly true if you compare them to the release of the previous season. Right now, all we can say is that there’s still plenty of time for such details to be announced.

So, the fans will have to wait until Netflix officially confirms and begins the series’ promos before the summer streaming season kicks off. But it is certain that 2023’s upcoming months will be flooded with brand-new content in a wide range of genres!

Virgin River Season 5: Predicted release date, spoilers, plot, cast and major updates

Virgin River Season 5: What we know so far

Not much has been disclosed about the potential plotline for the new season. As there are still many unanswered questions following the Season 4 finale. Thankfully, the series’ new showrunner Patrick Sean Smith is aware of this, and he is determined not to disappoint fans in season 5. “There is a lot going on, and it took me a while to get my head around what [the characters have] all been through, where they’re heading, and where I’d like them to go,” he told TVLine in July. “I wanted it to be as seamless as possible.”

Additionally, “From what I understand this season, you’re going to also see Mel and Jack get really close,” he told Glamour.

“Some of the stuff they’re going to go through is really going to cement their bond. A lot of season 4 was stuff pushing them away, like Jack’s drinking.” Martin concluded: “I don’t think there was true doubt about the relationship, but there were definitely some questions and bumps that were making their union kind of rocky. Hopefully, that big proposal put an end to that … but seeing them mature and deepen their love is going to be nice.”

Virgin River Season 5: Predicted release date, spoilers, plot, cast and major updates

The main cast members from the fourth season who are expected to reprise their roles are as follows Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe, Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, Tim Matheson as Vernon Mullins, Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea, Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts, Colin Lawrence as John “Preacher” Middleton, Grayson Gurnsey as Ricky, and Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie.

The recurring cast members include Melinda Dahl as Stacie Monroe, Lexa Doig as Paige Lassiter, Mark Ghanimé as Dr. Cameron Hayek, Kai Bradbury as Denny Cutler, and Zibby Allen as Brie Sheridan. In October 2022, Kandyse McClure joined the cast for season 5 in a yet-to-be-revealed role. Also joining the cast are three new faces confirmed in November 2022, including Susan Hogan, Elise Gatien, and Paolo Maiolo


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Virgin River Season 5 Potential Spoilers

Many characters from the show’s previous seasons have been able to leave an impression on the minds of the viewers, while others haven’t been able to make an effect on the plot, which has caused them to be cut short in subsequent seasons.

This isn’t uncommon for the creators to not continue some characters, maybe because they don’t have anything crucial to contribute or their arcs may have been exhausted. As the fifth season is officially on the way this year, the fans have begun to theorize that some potential characters may have their stories concluded. 

Additionally, we have seen that fans have begun to stir up discussion about certain characters on social media, which is what we have elaborated on being the ones who will be cut short in the new season. 

Virgin River Season 5: Predicted release date, spoilers, plot, cast and major updates

Denny: Could he leave Virgin River Season 5? 

Denny was one of the more recent characters to be introduced, and it’s conceivable that this will be his final season in the title town. If you recall. It was disclosed that he is Doc’s grandson, and he arrived in Virgin River at the conclusion of season 3. In the season, Denny makes the shocking revelation that he has Huntington’s disease at the conclusion of season 4. 

This major revelation complicates his storyline and has led many fans to believe that there is a storing possibility that he could leave the show. As such, Denny has the option of staying in Virgin River with his grandpa or leaving to seek alternative medical care because his future is still unclear. So, it is extremely likely that season 5 will be Denny’s last season due to his big reveal in the season 4 finale, only time will tell. 

Virgin River Season 5: Predicted release date, spoilers, plot, cast and major updates

Charmaine: Could she leave Virgin River Season 5? 

Yes! You read that right. There is a big chance that Charmaine should leave Virgin River because she has contributed significantly to the turmoil there. Many fans have also pointed out that, at the conclusion of season 4, Charmaine admits to Jack and Mel that she lied about being the real parent of her twins, giving her character little motivation to move forward.

After all, she has been a constant antagonist, driving a wedge between Jack and Mel. Moreover, in season 3, when Charmaine became engaged to Todd, it appeared that she had given up trying to win Jack’s forgiveness. The couple then made hasty preparations to leave the Virgin River after their wedding. So, it does seem likely that Season 5 might be a good moment for her to leave the show now that the truth about her babies’ father is out.

Actress Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel, in an interview with TV Guide spoke about Season 4, and she gave us some insight into what’s in store for Jack and Mel going forward, quote, “I think Mel feels, obviously, lied to and betrayed. I’m sure there’s an underlying sense of relief that she probably will never talk about with Jack. I think Jack is absolutely devastated because he really invested in these children. It’s crushing for him.”

Virgin River Season 5: Predicted release date, spoilers, plot, cast and major updates

However, Breckenridge also believes that the revelation won’t damage their relationship, and they will cope with the reality of the situation.

“I think that they have dealt with so much already in the very short time that they have known each other and started their relationship. I am sure it’s going to create some tension between them,” she explained. “It’s just trying to cope with it. The reality of that is huge. If someone lies to you and says five months into her pregnancy, ‘Oh no, by the way, they aren’t yours.’ That is huge, massive. So they’re going to have to deal with that, as anybody would, but I don’t think it’s going to damage their relationship.”

Moreover, in a recent Instagram post, the Virgin River page featured a picture of Charmaine and requested fan opinions about the father. Some fans have speculated that it might be Brady or Calvin. However, one fan also stated that Mike might be involved. Mike reacted, “Whoa Jesus, I didn’t know you were still seeing her,” when Jack revealed Charmaine was pregnant during their reunion as Marines. This made us think Mike might be Charmaine’s children’s biological father, which will be revealed in the coming episodes.


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While you wait for Virgin River Season 5 to premiere on Netflix, share your thoughts on the potential plot developments in the comments.