Virgin River Season 5: When to expect new updates?

Virgin River Season 5: When will our wait become fruitful?
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“I Already Know The Answer. Love Doesn’t Scare Me.”

The well-known American romantic drama series Virgin River is based on the novel of the same name written by Robyn Carr. The series focuses on a nurse practitioner, Melinda Monroe working in the Northern California town of Virgin River. She soon discovers that small-town living isn’t quite as simple as she expected, however, she found some undeniable companions. The show has grown so much that now Mel isn’t just a newcomer in the town, she is the special someone for Jack & a mother! Her brain injury is improving & we are thrilled for the couple! It’s been a long time since the last episode & fans are going eager to know about Virgin River Season 5. 

When can we expect new updates?

As we all know, the fourth season aired its 12 episodes on July 20, 2022, after which we haven’t heard much from the show. Even the renewal for the fifth season got announced with the fourth season, likely in September 2021. The challenge here will be waiting around to see it. There’s so much hype out there already! We know several other shows are getting renewed, or even their launch date is announced by Netflix while the Virgin River fans still wait for something. We can take the example of The Witcher series, the third season launch date is already announced by Netflix.

Virgin River Season 5: When will our wait become fruitful?
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They have decided to split the third season into two: the first part is scheduled to air on June 29, while the final part will arrive on July 27. This series is considered one of the top Netflix original shows, which is understandable, why it’s getting hyped. Although our main concern is tied to Virgin River Season 5 for which fans are waiting for months. It has a different audience than The Witcher Netflix tends to space out its bigger hits a little bit. By the looks of it, Virgin River Season 5 isn’t going to air near The Witcher’s third season. Since we have answered why the series is being delayed despite being done with its production. 

Virgin River Season 5: When will our wait become fruitful?
Credits: Instagram

We believe Virgin River Season 5 might air when the other big hits series hype is diminishing. In the end, it’s all about keeping the viewers hooked. Virgin River is one of the biggest series in its genre that Netflix has. They are going to want to push it in due time. Filming has been done since November & more than likely, at least a good chunk of season 5 (if not all) has already been put together. We assume Virgin River Season 5 to release its episodes by late July or early August. 

What to expect from Virgin River Season 5?

In the fifth season, there is a chance for more stability than we’ve had in a long time for some of these characters. Mel and Jack are together, they are expecting a baby, and Charmaine has admitted to a lie. The biological father’s name will declare after Charmaine’s lie gets caught. The new Instagram post has brought life to the Instagram page, new behind-the-scenes photos tend to send a message. The code is simple, they are trying to bring the hype back since the show’s next season is going to air within a few months. 


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The show has some of the most attractive economics for a TV series with a night return on investment as it costs less to create than special effect heavy production. Don’t believe me? The fourth season of The Virgin River is featured in Netflix’s top 10 hourly charts for six weeks, picking up 304.790M hours globally between July 17 and August 28, 2022. The numbers are bound to rise after the Virgin River Season 5 release since the fandom is already on the edge after waiting for long. This is where we ask if you have any information related to this matter that we missed. Let us know in the comment section below. Until then, Don’t lose hope, Virgin River Fandom!