Virgin River Season 5: Who is Mel’s father?

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The brunt of fast-paced events that Virgin River Season 5 has seen is second to none. From life-threatening fires, unwanted pregnancy paternal reveals, miscarriages, gunshots, and deeply embedded secrets that are on the brink of surfacing, Virgin River creators kept us at the edge of our seats throughout the entirety of Season 5.

A culmination of fluctuating emotions gripped us from start to finish, being ecstatic from one moment to stifling sobs in the next and gripping with fear afterward. All these emotions reached their pinnacle at the end, which left us in the depths of many more questions than the number this Season answered. The winner of these questions is still stirring up a buzz on the internet as everyone is ready with their theories to validate the answer. The question is: Who is Mel’s father? And will the final two ‘Holiday Special’ episodes reveal this?

We have gathered considerable intel on who this mystery paternal figure can be, so keep reading to find out! Also, catch Virgin River Season 5 (episodes 1-10) on Netflix right now and binge-watch them, provided you have a suitable subscription.

Virgin River Season 6: Release date estimate, production status, synopsis, expected cast members and more
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Virgin River Season 5 Plot: A Recap Of The Ending (Spoilers)

Before diving headfirst into the big secret revelation, let us skim through the trailblazing finale that had us on the edge of our seats before the credits rolled out. Viewers have not recovered from the massive grip the final scene of Season 5 Episode 10 had on them, leaving them desperately yearning for a swift deciphering of the final few seconds and the main question that popped up in the viewers’ minds as the screen turned blank.

The ending scene features Mel and Jack ornamenting their idyllic cabin with Christmas decor whilst Joey(Mel’s sister) rings her up. Her voice sounded distant and bewildered because she discovered something pivotal that could alter Mel’s entire belief system about her muffled past. Joey conveyed that as she was sifting through their mother’s letters in her closet space, she discovered several love letters from a single source. It was a man, and Joey revealed that, in all possibilities, it was their unidentified biological father!

Cut to the credits roll up on our screens, and we are left with plaguing questions as well as Mel. After recovering from the obvious whammy, ardent Virgin River fans have taken their time to gather their emotions and take to the internet to decipher who the mystery paternal figure may be, and we can make a good guess from the existing characters who are already in Mel’s life. Off the conundrum of theories that flooded the pages mere hours after the Season aired, two guesses seem semi-solid when it comes to the answer. Let us visit these!

Virgin River Season 5 Official Trailer: Has it been released?

Virgin River Season 5 Mel’s Father: Who Could It Be?

Earlier on the phone, Joey mentioned that the mystery lover, who was potentially also their dad, was from Virgin River itself! So, given the staggering turns the series has made in pivotal situations, it must be someone who we already see on our screens.

Is it ‘Doc’?

Virgin River Season 5 is not coming to Netflix in August 2023

Probably the most logical answer to our question is Doc, given the paternal bond he shares with Melb by nurturing her into a medical hero and spending most of his time giving her fatherly advice and looking after her like her guardian angel.

Another confirming parameter is the age of the paternal figure, which should match the age gap between Mel and him and should be old enough to have a grandchild, given that Mel was pregnant. Again, Doc’s character fits directly into this box, given that he is in his seventies. The cherry on top is that they are both in the medical field, with Doc acting as her guidance in her career path as well as her personal relationship. There aren’t many other characters in Virgin River to choose from that would fit the specific age required while also feeling believable.

If Doc already knows about the secret when Mel tells him, we can be assured that he is, in fact, Mel’s father. The main question trails on whether he will reveal that to her, or if Mel finds out, will she ever forgive Doc for keeping it a secret. Worse, will she leave Virgin River and Jack after learning of this news?

Or it might be Nick? 

Virgin River Season 6

They believe Mel’s real father could be none other than Nick (Keith MacKechnie), a local businessman who has taken an interest in Jack Sheridan’s (Martin Henderson) new glamping venture this season and is married to Jo.  Nick has been a minor player so far but received a damning description from Hope McCrea (Annette O’Toole) in Virgin River’s first season.

In a buzz surrounding this theory, Virgin River fans lit up on Reddit and remarked in an enlightening reveal,

User Complete-Road-3229 predicted: “I think it is Nick. He’s known as ‘handsy’.”

To which Unonuon retorted: “But never seen as ‘handsy’. It’s funny he’s ‘handsy’ in the books and actually gets “handsy” with Mel at the bar.

“I think they just mimicked the characters but forgot about it!”

Unonuon also suggested: “Best choice would be Doc (Tim Matheson), but then he already has a secret love child.”

“Charlie’s (Patrick Keating) an option, or Nick. Boring,” they added.

“Funniest would be Calvin (David Cubitt)”

Nick incidentally also fits the age-grouping of possibly being Mel’s father, but our money is on Doc because he seems like the perfect fit!

Virgin River Season 5 Official Trailer: Has it been released?
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Virgin River Season 5 Plot: Will The Answer Be Revealed In The Holiday Episodes

Nine out of ten times when a Season leaves its viewers on the trail of a massive cliffhanger, they open the next one by continuing the story and providing clarity. The same can be said about Virgin River Season 5, which still has two more Holiday Special episodes to show, which will be dropping on Netflix on 30th November 2023. So save the date because the answer to our question will be revealed a few minutes into episode 11!

Episodes 1 to 10 are all available to view on Netflix right now, so go ahead and binge-watch it, provided you have a subscription to the same. The two holiday episodes titled “Father Christmas” and “The More the Merrier” will be released on 30th November on Netflix itself, so now is a good time to refresh your memory with all the earlier Seasons of Virgin River.

Virgin River Season 5 - Part 2 - Christmas Episodes Trailer

Virgin River Season 5: Official Trailer

While we may expect a trailer for Part 2 of Virgin River soon, check out the trailer for Season 5 Part 1 in the meantime.

Virgin River: Season 5 Part 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Comment down below who you think is Mel’s father. Stay tuned to Web News Observer and catch up on Seasons 1-5 of Virgin River only on Netflix before the Holiday Episodes arrive.