Vonage Announces New Integration With Zapier

Vonage has announced that the company has launched the new integration with Zapier. The company has taken the step to grant immediate access to more than 2,000 of the world’s leading productivity tools and business applications.

The company’s integration with Zapier will enable the users to seamless customize workflows and automate tasks without the need to hire any developer expertise. All the Vonage customers can now build the actions, called “Zaps” to trigger tasks between Vonage and other business applications.

Vonage is basically a leading communications services provider that helps companies and businesses to accelerate and automate their digital transformation. The company’s communication services are fully programmable and allows easy integration of Voice, Messaging, Chat, Video and Verification services to companies’ existing products.

Chief Product Officer at Zapier, Jonathan Rochelle said, “We are pleased to welcome Vonage to our growing network of integrated applications. By providing access to the thousands of business applications, productivity tools, and CRMs in the Zapier network, Vonage can help customers realize the value of automating their work by connecting Vonage to the apps they use every day.”

Principal Analyst at TalkingPointz, Dave Michels said, “Businesses today, especially those within regulated industries, need communications that are inherently extensible, offering the ability to customize and create solutions to meet their own unique requirements – without the need for developer expertise.”

“Vonage continues to build upon its integrations portfolio with strategic partnerships to offer customers this increasing flexibility to choose the best of breed applications that make sense for their business and to easily access them all from a single interface, on a single platform,” Dave Michels concluded.

Chief Product Officer for Vonage, Jay said, “The integration between Vonage and Zapier opens the door to thousands of automations and integrations for our enterprise customers.”

“By enabling our customers to connect Vonage with their other business applications without the need for development resources or code, we are arming businesses with countless opportunities to easily customize workflows and address specific use case needs, enhancing productivity and creating a better employee and customer experience,” Jay concluded.

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