What We Do in the Shadows Season 6: Renewal status, expected release date, plot, cast, episodes, trailer and other details

What We Do in the Shadows Season 6: Renewal Status, expected release date, plot, cast, episodes, trailer, and other details
Credit: The FX Network

When will the mockumentary comedy horror return with the new season? Here is everything we know so far about
What We Do in the Shadows Season 6. 

Are you ready to dive into the new chapter with the beloved trio of traditional vampires, Nandor, Laszlo, and Nadja? This time around they are ready to once again take you into the mysterious world of the supernatural as we unveil the dark and hilarious secrets of this critically acclaimed mockumentary series, which is based on the cult-favorite film by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement and takes you on a side-splitting journey through the lives of four vampire roommates living in Staten Island. If yes, then you have reached the right place to get all your answers with the latest updates for the much-awaited sixth season!

So sit back, relax, and continue reading to learn more about What We Do in the Shadows Season 6. 

What We Do in the Shadows Season 6: Renewal Status, expected release date, plot, cast, episodes, trailer, and other details

What We Do in the Shadows Season 6 Release Date: When is it expected to premiere?

After being renewed for a fifth and sixth season, ahead of the fourth season premiere back on June 6, 2022, the anticipation surrounding the much-awaited sixth season has started to reignite interest among the fans all over social media, which has skyrocketed more than ever all thanks to the premiere of the fifth season’s final episode, which aired a few hours ago on August 31, 2023. The hype around the sixth season’s official return is just the beginning because we can assure you that there is still a lot of time left for the next chapter to grace television screens on the FX network.

We say this with a bit of certainty, as with the ongoing WGA strike along with the SAG-AFTRA strike, no one truly knows when production will commence. As we know, the majority of Hollywood’s production houses are on temporary hold, with negotiations among the parties involved still being negotiated as it is expected to be extended until October 2023. So, it’s very likely that production of the new season will eventually get delayed until late 2023 or 2024, and we won’t get a new season until 2025 at the same time slot of 10 p.m. ET on FX, depending on how long studios continue to say no to a fair deal. 

So, to simply answer your query, even though the sixth season was officially renewed months ago, the die-hard fans will have to wait for some time for its official return as the production will take its due time to fully complete, which is speculated to last up to months! In the meantime, check out the official renewal announcement that was shared on the official Twitter handle of FX Networks last year, quoting, “Undead and ready to keep this party going. What We Do in the Shadows has been renewed for two more seasons.” Take a look at the official renewal announcement post below: 

What We Do in the Shadows Season 6 Plot: What to expect?

Not much has been revealed about the exact plotlines of the season, but we are certain that it will continue the plot from the fifth season, as the early reviews of the season are incredible, and it has already received universal acclaim from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the fifth season has an approval rating of 100%, based on 7 reviews, with an average rating of 8.8/10. On Metacritic, the fifth season has an average score of 84 out of 100, based on 8 critics, indicating “universal acclaim.” 

This makes one thing clear: the season has a lot of surprises in store for the fans! The final episode, “Exit Interview,” of the fifth season left us with a potential cliffhanger in which we got to see that the vampires were searching for a missing Guillermo. On the other hand, the show’s cast has expressed their desire to return for even more in the future. “I just can’t see a world where I’ll get to be in a show like this again,” Demetriou told Consequence earlier this summer. “So yeah, make it stretch, make it last. It should never end.” Fortunately, there’s more than enough material to work with.

“We’re living in this tandem reality of ‘vampires can exist’ and anything can happen and everything is sort of on the table,” Schaal told the outlet. “The comedy can be completely irreverent, which is so refreshing, and our characters can become smoke. Our characters have lived forever. Our characters could morph. You know, you could cut [to] a hundred years [later] and we’d still be alive. You could do a flashback episode 2,000 years ago, we might still be alive. It’s a playground for the most creative ideas imaginable.”

What We Do in the Shadows Season 6: Renewal Status, expected release date, plot, cast, episodes, trailer, and other details

What We Do in the Shadows Season 6 Cast: Who will reprise their roles?

All the favorite vampires from Staten Island, New York City, New York are expected to come back in Season 6 as the series revolves around these vampires interacting with the modern world and other supernatural beings, which are as follows: Kayvan Novak as Nandor the Relentless, Matt Berry as Leslie “Laszlo” Cravensworth, Natasia Demetriou as Nadja of Antipaxos, Harvey Guillén as Guillermo de la Cruz, and Mark Proksch as Colin Robinson.

Before the strikes, the show’s cast also discussed the issues at hand, such as residuals and artificial intelligence. In an interview with The Wrap, quote, “I think it’s getting harder to make a living off of being an artist,” Guillén said. Further adding, “As an actor, you never know. It’s feast or famine. You never know where your next gig is coming from.”

In addition to this, there can be some special cameo appearances and recurring cast members returning to the show, as the show is widely known to have included some popular actors in the past season as well, and we are certain they won’t hold back in including them this season as well. Lastly, the series is produced by FX Productions, with Paul Simms, Clement, Waititi, Stefani Robinson, Sam Johnson, Garrett Basch, and Eli Bush serving as executive producers.

What We Do in the Shadows Season 6: Renewal Status, expected release date, plot, cast, episodes, trailer, and other details

What We Do in the Shadows Season 6 Official Episode Count: Where to stream?

We can inform readers that the upcoming season’s official episode count has not been confirmed by the network, but it is expected to be approximately 10 episodes with an average runtime of 22-30 minutes, just like the previous seasons, which are slated to release on a weekly basis. If you are familiar with the show’s history, then you’ll know that the show does not tend to take mid-season breaks, which is perfect for rolling out the episodes on a proper schedule.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds, as confirmation about the official episode title and synopsis will be announced later, maybe once the release date draws closer.

As stated above, the series is from the FX network, and it will later be available to stream the next day on Hulu, where the first four seasons are also available. The series is also available to premiere on Star+ in Latin America and Disney+ under the Star banner in all other territories. Moreover, the viewers can also stream the series by renting or purchasing it on Amazon Instant Video and Vudu, with a vast number of membership plans according to their preferences.

What We Do in the Shadows Season 6 Official Trailer: Has it been released?

Unfortunately, the network hasn’t released any new teaser trailers for the sixth season, as filming hasn’t even commenced yet, which makes it impossible for the network to create and promote a teaser with new clips from the upcoming season to reveal some key plotlines and character arcs.  Hence, we urge the readers to wait and be patient for some time!

Meanwhile, check out this newly released official trailer What We Do in the Shadows Season 5, which is based on the feature film by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, documents the nightly exploits of vampire roommates Nandor (Kayvan Novak), Laszlo (Matt Berry), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) and Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) as they navigate the modern world of Staten Island with the help of their human familiar, Guillermo (Harvey Guillén), and their vampire bureaucrat acquaintance, The Guide (Kristen Schaal).

Catch up on the previous seasons and let us know what you think of What We Do in the Shadows, already being renewed for Season 6 in the comments.