Who Were We Running From? Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

'Who Were We Running From?' Season 2: Is the show renewed or not?
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“That’s why they think we’re weak, why they try to dominate us at the first chance. And then I have to teach them a good lesson.”

Bambi and her nameless Mother are on a run but from whom? They change hotel after hotel, identity after identity, and look after looks. They don’t talk to others, and neither others approach them. The Mother wishes to let her daughter, Bambi have a normal life she can’t set free until she deals with her past. Bambi doesn’t want to be set free, she wants to stay with her mom. But is it possible? Will the dynamic duo get chased by the past demons? Who Were We Running From? is an outstanding series & we hope to know more about it. Fans are constantly asking questions regarding ‘Who Were We Running From?’ Season 2.

'Who Were We Running From?' Season 2: Is the show renewed or not?
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The Turkish drama has gained quite a popularity after its release on Netflix. The show is qualified as Crime, Mystery, and Thriller Drama, which revolves around the Mysterious Mother & her young daughter. The series is adapted from Perihan Magden’s novel of the same name. The series is called Biz Kimden Kaçıyorduk Anne? in Turkish. Netflix has done a great job in streaming this series as the show is climbing the Netflix charts. The first season contains seven episodes, which the fans have already finished.

This Turkish Thriller drama is getting popular day by day without any promotional push, now fans are wondering about the second season, especially after the finale of the first one. Still, let’s keep discussing more Who Were We Running From? Season 2.

Is ‘Who Were We Running From?’ season 2 renewed?

Who Were We Running From? stars Melisa Sözen as the unnamed Mother. While she isn’t a household name in the UK, Melisa’s star power in Turkey likely helped this show get green-lit in the first place. However, Sözen probably won’t be returning for a second season, not unless flashbacks are involved. For those who haven’t watched the show yet, Spoiler alert! 

The first season synopsis states, “A mother and her young daughter Bambi are on the run, away from someone, staying in luxury hotels, keeping on the move, leaving a trail of bodies behind… But as the luxury hotels get replaced with seedy motels, it becomes clear that the fairytale isn’t all that her mother promised Bambi it was going to be. Can they be the hunter, not the prey?” By the end of the first season, we got the answer to many questions while new questions emerged. 

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A mother can’t tolerate someone insulting her daughter, especially when the mother is a dangerous woman. When a hotel manager insults Bambi for dressing like a teenager, the duo decides to leave the hotel, but not before killing the manager. However, he isn’t the only person who hurt Bambi, at the next hotel, A doctor abuses the young Woman, and unfortunately, Bambi becomes his victim. Mother sets a trap and kills him but the police are after them. Finally, in the end, Mother tells Bambi about her past, because of which they are on run. Bambi’s grandparents didn’t appreciate their daughter getting knocked down by a mechanic.

'Who Were We Running From?' Season 2: Is the show renewed or not?
Credits: Instagram

They wanted to get rid of the baby, though the mother had other plans. She decided to get rid of their parents, but her father survived. He’s the person they are running away from. Bambi’s grandfather is obsessed with getting his grandson back. Later they get to know the real estate agent they wanted to sell their property to is their grandfather, and he’s the reason behind the police being after them.

In the end, the mother gets shot by the officer while Bambi is forced to flee. In the second season, we hope to watch how Bambi manages alone. Since the ‘Who Were We Running From?’ Season 2 is yet to get renewed. It’s only a matter of time before they get renewed.