With Love Season 3 Renewal Update: Is it happening or not?

With Love Season 3 Renewal Update: Is it happening or not?
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Will the complexities of modern-day dating be explored for another reason? Continue reading to find out more about the renewal status of With Love Season 3.

If you have loved to stream the romantic dramedy created by Gloria Calderón Kellett, which centers on siblings Lily and Jorge Diaz, then we have some great news for you as a new chapter of this beloved series is now available to stream on Prime Video, which has excited the fandom more than ever!

They have quickly turned to binge-watching all six brand new episodes, which navigate big life changes in the siblings’ lives as they rely on their equally big family to get them through their thirties. After looking at the plot, we are assuming that it will become one of the most-watched shows this weekend due to the massive interest shown by the fandom, who will love to explore such hidden gems!

Especially if you look at how the season ended, we are certain, questions relating to its early renewals will also start popping up all over social media. So, it’s safe to say that the fans are already speculating if there will be a third season or not. If you’re wondering the same thing, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve compiled a quick summary of everything you need to know about the current status of With Love Season 3. 

With Love Season 3 Renewal Update: Is it happening or not?

Is With Love renewed for Season 3?

Right now, there has been no official statement from Prime Video regarding the renewal, as the second season premiered a few hours ago, which makes it impossible for the network to assess the show’s overall reception before confirming its approval for another season, especially when the possibility of concluding with the second installment is not entirely ruled out. 

Hence, if the show is able to perform remarkably well by maintaining its overall reception by being on the top 10 list around the world or maybe a considerable number of regions in the coming weeks, then it can stand a chance of being renewed for additional seasons, just like many other original series that are available on the streaming service that might have a small audience but whose overall story is effective enough to be conveyed in a proper manner.

With Love Season 3 Renewal Update: Is it happening or not?

On the other hand, many fans have been speculating that if the viewership is able to maintain at least 50% in the next two to three weeks, the renewal might be announced a month or two after the premiere. In the end, the decision to renew the third season will likely come down to ratings and whether or not the show creators see enough interest from viewers to justify another season. If there is more to the story, then the chances of its renewal aren’t completely dim.

So, if you want to receive information on the potential renewal and release date on Prime Video, then viewers may enable notifications. Until then, fans of this romantic dramedy streaming series can continue to enjoy the new season and speculate about what more plotlines and character arcs might be explored in a potential third season if it gets renewed in the near future. We also urge readers to keep a closer eye on social media to get all the latest updates! 

With Love Season 3 Renewal Update: Is it happening or not?

With Love Season 2: What is the new season about?

The new season follows siblings Lily and Jorge Diaz, as they her whirlwind romance with Santiago, Lily decides to focus all her energy on a personal journey of self-love, by growing her makeup styling business and looking into homeownership. But when both Santiago and Nick profess their feelings for her, Lily wrestles with what is best for her future. Meanwhile, Jorge begins to question whether he and Henry are truly compatible. When he meets Henry’s proud Texan parents, he can’t decide whether the relationship is a fairy tale or a nightmare.

With Love stars Emeraude Toubia as Lily Diaz, Mark Indelicato as Jorge Diaz Jr., Rome Flynn as Santiago Zayas, Desmond Chiam as Nick Zhao, Vincent Rodriguez III as Henry Cruz, Isis King as Sol Perez, Todd Grinnell as Dr. Miles Murphy, Constance Marie as Beatriz Diaz, and Benito Martinez as Jorge Diaz Sr. With Love is created and executive produced by Gloria Calderón Kellett alongside executive producer Andy Roth. With Love is co-produced by Calderón Kellett’s production company, GloNation, and Amazon Studios.

With Love Season 2: Official Episode Guide

We have listed the official episode guide of With Love Season 2 which gives a complete breakdown of the season episode by episode in order to get an idea of the overall plotlines and character arcs. We would like to highlight that the following passage contains some major spoilers. So, if you haven’t streamed the show yet, we recommend you stop reading!

Episode 1: Christmas Eve: Lily and Santiago are stronger than ever, but when Andre questions whether Santiago is willing to take the next step in his relationship with Lily, a misunderstanding threatens to shake the couple’s commitment to each other. Jorge realizes that Lily has overstayed her welcome at his and Nick’s apartment, and decides the baby bird is ready to leave the nest, especially since it’s getting a little crowded now that Nick’s new paramour is staying over more and more often.

Episode 2: Engagement Party: Siblings Lily and Jorge Diaz are each on a mission to find love and purpose during the holidays.

Episode 3: Lily’s Double Quinceañera: Lily and Santiago celebrate her double quinceañera by finishing a bucket list she made back when she was 15. But spending the day together unearths some old feelings that get even more complicated when Lily meets Santiago’s newest date. Jorge and Henry are giddy to dive into party planning – until they realize their differing opinions might flip the old adage and make them fighters, not lovers. Sol is nervous to meet Miles’s ex-wife.

With Love Season 3 Renewal Update: Is it happening or not?

Episode 4: Bachelor Party: As Lily and Nick’s friendship grows stronger and stronger, so do his romantic feelings for her. Nick realizes it’s time to come clean and finally asks: are friends all they will ever be? Jorge and Henry are in Vegas for the bachelor party, but Jorge learns that Henry has a troublesome alter ego, Hank, who surfaces once tequila works her magic. Santiago accompanies Annie and Andre on a road trip to Vegas for a surprise wedding.

Episode 5: Thanksgiving: Lily and Nick are thrilled to have their first Thanksgiving as an official couple, but there is trouble in paradise when Santiago joins the family for dinner and unintentionally shows Lily and Nick are not as in-sync as they thought they were. At Gladys’s behest, Laz and Santiago join the Diaz family for Thanksgiving, but old habits die hard and Santiago discovers there is still a spark between him and Lily. Jorge is put between a rock and a hard place when he witnesses a moment.

Episode 6: The Wedding: All is well with Nick and Lily, except for Lily wondering: is the universe trying to tell her something when she runs into Santiago on the day of her brother’s wedding? Jorge and Lily’s still frosty relationship is putting a damper on an otherwise blissful day, and tensions reach a boiling point when Lily finally comes clean. Sol is tasked with being the wedding coordinator for the day, and nothing is gonna get in the way of Jorge and Henry having the perfect day.

With Love Season 2: Where to stream?

All the new episodes of the first and second seasons are exclusively available on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories around the world. Moreover, other newest movies, last night’s TV shows, classic favorites, and more are available to stream instantly, plus all your videos are stored in Your Video Library. Over 150,000 movies and TV episodes, including thousands for Amazon Prime members at no additional cost. Prime viewers can also enjoy all the episodes of With Love with a single membership which is a perfect plan for first-time viewers. 

Before streaming the show, take a look at the official trailer for With Love Season 2, which explores the story further from the last time we saw them in the first season’s finale episode, “Día De Los Muertos.” Fans are already buzzing with excitement as the trailer also shows that Lily Diaz is in a dilemma with major twists and turns coming her way for love as she has to choose the one who is right for her! That’s not all, as the trailer shows the various family members as they try to navigate their individual lives and the relationships that come with them. 

With Love Season 2 - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Catch up on all the episodes of With Love Season 2 and let us know what your thoughts are for the new season in the comment section.