Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Confirmed: Expected release date, cast, plot and more

Wrong Side of the Tracks season 3 release date Credit Netflix
Wrong Side of the Tracks Credit Netflix

Hold on to your hats, amigos! Wrong Side of the Tracks is the hottest Spanish series on the block, and fans are dying to know if a season 3 is in the works. The show premiered on Telecinco in February 2022 and blew everyone away with back-to-back seasons that ended in May of the same year. The second season just dropped on Netflix in the US on March 1, 2023, and it’s already making waves as one of the top releases of the year so far. But the real question is, when can we get our hands on season 3?

Well, hold your horses, amigos, because there’s no news yet on when season 3 is coming. For now, all we know is that both seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix, so get your binging on, and keep those fingers crossed for more action-packed drama from the wrong side of the tracks!

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Renewal Update

According to What’s on Netflix, Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 got greenlit back in December 2022. So, we know for a fact that we won’t be deprived of Season 3 of this exciting series.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Release Date

Wrong of the Tracks Season 3

Cheer up folks, because we’re dishing out the latest on the Wrong Side of the Tracks season 3 release date. Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact date just yet, but we can tell you that it’s been almost a year since season 2 dropped, and fans are getting antsy for more. Our insiders tell us that we might be looking at a release window in the spring of 2024, possibly June or July.

But don’t lose hope just yet, because we’ve heard rumblings that season 3 is definitely in the works. The makers announced back in November 2022 that they’re renovating the series and bringing back all our favorite characters with some fresh new faces to spice things up. So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the wildest ride on the wrong side of the tracks!

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Storyline or Plot

Wrong Side of the Tracks season 3 release date Credit Netflix
Wrong Side of the Tracks Credit Netflix

My dear readers! It’s time for the thrilling tale of Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3! Meet Tirso, a war veteran who’s fed up with the drug dealers ruling his neighborhood. When his granddaughter Irene falls into their clutches, he’s had enough and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Yet, there’s still more! Although coming from a wealthy family, Irene feels like an outsider. Nelson, a known drug dealer who buys cocaine from Sandro in order to earn fast money and flee with Irene, captures her attention. Things turn nasty when the police catch up with him and he throws the narcotics on Irene.

Irene’s suitcase contains cocaine, which Tirso learns after developing suspicions. He throws them down the drain out of rage. Irene attempts to address the issue on her own, but when Nelson returns for the narcotics, she ends up being drugged and attacked by Sandro’s thugs. While she conceals it, Tirso finally learns and resolves to get retribution.

He enlists the help of spy Sanchis to infiltrate the drug gang and gather intel. Meanwhile, Sandro’s rival Ezequiel joins forces with Tirso to take down Sandro. Irene seeks help from a psychologist to cope with her trauma.

Tirso suspects Sandro’s drug stash is at La Rosa nightclub and recruits Gladys to help him get inside. With the help of Nelson, Pepe, and Sanchis, they set fire to the club, bringing Sandro’s reign of terror to an end. Who needs a superhero when you have Tirso?

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Cast

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Listen up, folks, because we’ve got the scoop on the sizzling hot cast of Wrong Side of the Tracks season 3! If you thought the first two seasons were packed with intense performances, just wait until you see what this talented crew has in store for us. José Coronado leads the pack as Tirso Abantos, a retired “war hero” who’s had it up to here with the rampant crime and delinquency in his ‘hood. Luis Zahera brings the heat as street-savvy cop Ezequiel Fandiño, who’s got a secret or two up his sleeve as he tries to keep the baddies at bay. 

Nona Sobo is a breakout star as Tirso’s adopted granddaughter, Irene Sánchez Abantos, who gets mixed up in some serious trouble when she steals a kilo of heroin from crime boss Sandro. And let’s not forget about Felipe Londoño, who plays Irene’s hunky Colombian beau, Nelson Gutiérrez, or Laura Ramos as his mother Gladys, a former prostitute who’s found a new ally in Ezequiel. Last but not least, we have Manolo Caro as Sanchís, Tirso’s drug-addicted pal who occasionally helps with some private investigating. With a cast like this, we’re in for one wild ride on the wrong side of the tracks!

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 2 Ending Explained

Wrong Side of the Tracks season 3 release date Credit Netflix
Wrong Side of the Tracks Credit Netflix

Grab your detective hats because it’s time to dive into the jaw-dropping season 2 finale of “Wrong Side of the Tracks”! Amanda, our tenacious investigator, delves deeper into Irene’s case file and uncovers a horrifying truth: Irene is just one of many young women brutally raped by these despicable criminals. Amanda knows she can’t let this go unpunished, and she’s not going to stop until justice is served.

She discovers that the mastermind behind these heinous acts is none other than Salgado, who has connections to the notorious Aloha brothel. When Tirso learns of Salgado’s involvement in Irene’s assault, he’s ready to take matters into his own hands. But Irene doesn’t want to see her grandfather go to prison for life, so she intervenes and prevents Tirso from doing something he’ll regret.

However, Amanda is not one to let these criminals off the hook. She takes matters into her own hands and puts an end to Salgado’s reign of terror with a well-placed bullet. But all actions have consequences, and Amanda is ready to face the music as she’s arrested by the police.

In the end, justice is served, but at what cost? Amanda may be facing a future behind bars, but one thing’s for sure: she’s not afraid to do what it takes to bring these criminals to justice. Now, that’s what we call a finale!

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Trailer

Well well well, eager beaver, I see you’re itching for a trailer for Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3. Sadly, there’s no sneak peek just yet, but don’t you worry, honey! We’ve got the next best thing to tide you over until it drops – the dramatic trailer for season 2! Get ready to rumble, my friend!

Wrong Side of the Tracks ENTREVÍAS Trailer YouTube

Where To Watch Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3?

Listen up, binge-watchers! You may have caught the first season of Wrong Side of the Tracks on Netflix, but what about the eagerly-awaited third season? Well, hold on to your streaming services, folks, because it looks like Netflix may once again be the go-to spot to catch all the action.