You Season 4 Part 2: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and more

You Season 4 Part 2 is not coming to Netflix in March?
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 to “The real horror of my life is not that I’ve killed some terrible people. The real horror is that the people I’ve loved didn’t love me back.”

Determined Joe, ready for a fresh start, moves to London and lives under the name of Professor Jonathan Moore. He met someone, a tightly wound art gallerist, Kate Galvin, also the girlfriend of a wealthy colleague, Malcolm Harding. He tries his best to avoid both of them. However, that turns hard considering he’s now framed for Malcolm’s murder!

‘You’ Season 4 Part 1 showed us what it’s like to be a victim rather than a predator. While fans are waiting for the finale of the fourth season, some rumors are whisper yelling regarding the release date,’ You Season 4 Part 2 is not coming to Netflix in March?’

Don’t worry, this article will teach you everything about the second installment of Season 4. The American psychological thriller TV series is based on Caroline Kepnes’s novel of the same name. Thanks to Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti for giving life a remarkable series. From the release of season one in December 2019 to Season 4 in 2023, the show has done an outstanding job to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats. Now You Season 4 Part 2 is almost here to clear all our doubts and theories!

You Season 4 Part 2 release date:

For all those viewers who started the wild rumor of, ‘You Season 4 Part 2 is not coming to Netflix in March?’ I’m happy to prove you all wrong, You Season 4 Part 2 isn’t a few days due, but just a few hours to watch the finale of the fourth installment. The predator turned into prey while his hallucinations begins again. Joe’s character development is on point. Joe or we should say, Jonathan Moore, a university professor in London, is focusing on putting his horrible past behind him and giving up his stalker’s habits. However, his development isn’t going to be that easy, especially when there’s someone else, more dangerous than him. 

You Season 4 Part 2 is airing on March 9, 2023, few more hours for us to finally receive our answers. Several questions are rising after the release of the trailer, ‘How did Rhys murder Gemma?’, ‘How did Rhys know Jonathan is Joe?’, ‘Is Love still alive?’ ‘Is Rhys working alone or with someone else?’ or ‘Is Kate innocent, or is she up to something more sinister?’ More importantly, ‘Will Joe’s true identity be revealed?’

What to expect from You Season 4 Part 2?

There are several doubts among the fans & the only way we are getting answers is after the release of You Season 4 Part 2. While most the time fans were shocked when Quinn’s character cameo was in the recent trailer. The glimpses were Joe walking down that infamous basement cage while narrating, “You know what my favorite thing about love is? It gives you second chances,” with that we see Love Quinn, alive and well, reading the book, ‘A Good Man in a Cruel World’ written by Rhys. Her Hi, Joe left us speechless for a whole minute until we turned to blowing social media with assumptions and questions. 


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The next installment of the fourth season consists of five episodes & each episode is titled with alluring labels. You Season 4 Part 2 Episode 6 – “Best of the Friends.” Maybe in this, we’ll see Rhys and Joe face off? 

  • Episode 7-” Good Man, Cruel World” we are gonna watch Quinn’s cameo here. No matter if she’s alive or just a hallucination of Joe. 
  • Episode 8-” Where Are you Going, Where Have You Been?” This one is kind of confusing, considering Quinn is back or Joe trying to run away…again! 
  • Episode 9-” She’s Not There” There are two shes’ that could be considered, Quinn and Kate. Maybe Rhys kidnapped Kate to torture Joe, or his hallucination regarding Quinn gets cleared.
  • Episode 10-” The Death of Jonathan Moore” This title had me for five minutes. The trick is it’s mentioned the death of Moore, not Joe. From what we can assume, his cover might have blown, or he framed his death again. 

Several things for us to assume while few hours left in the release! Let’s clear our schedule before the time and update our Netflix Subscription to watch You Season 4 Part 2 finale!