You Season 4: Filming updates and everything we know so far

You season 4

We all have been social media stalkers at some point in our life, which basically means looking through the social media accounts of our date or someone we are interested in. However, stalking is something which can be in various aspects, and in all cases, it’s dangerous and creepy.

The show You on Netflix is based around this concept but it’s not just about stalking, it’s like a deep dive into the mind of Joe Goldberg, the stalker, the protagonist of the show.

You is about a man who gets drawn towards a woman named Guinevere Beck, they meet at a book store where Joe works in New York. He immediately gets infatuated by her and starts daydreaming and having legit conversations in his mind with himself. They eventually meet and decide to date, but this turns out to be far creepier as Joe becomes obsessed with Beck.

Copy of And Just Like That Season 2 1

But things turn dark and we see Joe escaping as he manages to move to LA in Season 2, where he meets another woman named Love Quinn, I know right, of all the names she could have had.

Things start falling back into the same pattern as Joe manages to get obsessed with her too, however, Love isn’t Beck, and therefore even Joe, our murder cum stalker is shocked after a revelation in the Season 2 finale.

Things got spiced up, the audience loved the series and it was renewed for Season 3. However, ever after the premiere of Season 3, fans are anticipating You Season 4. So, here’s everything we know so far about You Season 4.

you season 4

Will there be You Season 4?

You was renewed for Season 4 on October 13, 2021. And the makers have started filming for You Season 4 on March 23, 2022. Netflix officially announced the renewal through a video announcement for You Season 4 on October 13, 2021.

YOU Season 4 | Announcement | Netflix

 You Season 4 Release Date

As of now, the only solid proof is that You Season 4 has been renewed but there’s no release date yet given the fact that the filming started off recently. We will have to wait, at least, for a few months to finally get our hands on a release date. However, many sources have been speculating that the new season might release towards the end of the year 2022 or even in 2023 given the schedule of the shooting.

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You Season 4 Plot

While not much is known yet but You Season 4 will narrate the continuation of the story after we see Joe in Paris, on a possible hunt for Marienne.

You Season 4 Cast

Pen Badgley will be reprising his character Joe but in Paris. Marienne played by Tati Gabrielle might come back in season 4 but so far neither the actress herself nor the makers have confirmed her return.

But we can expect to see a bunch of new characters and cast this season as the season 3 finale left us all on a cliffhanger and in another country altogether.

Till now it has been confirmed by actor Lukas Gage (whom we saw playing Tyler in Euphoria season 1) and by Netflix that he will be joining You Season 4 cast as his role will be a regular one.

Many sources have stated that actress Tilly Keeper, who is known for her work in Eastenders will also be joining You Season 4.

The old characters, Beck played by Elizabeth Lail, Love Quinn played by Victoria Pedretti, and Candace played by Ambyr Childers will not return as they were killed in previous seasons.

How many episodes will be there You Season 4?

It is possible that You Season 4 will have 10 episodes too, and the makers will follow the same pattern as the previous seasons of having 10 episodes each.

Where to watch You?

All 3 seasons of You are available on Netflix.

You season 4

*Major Spoilers Ahead*

You Season 3 Recap

Season 2 marks the second long-term relationship of Joe. As he falls in love with Love Quinn, he goes on to commit the crimes in a similar manner as he did in New York. But Love turns out to be a murderer herself. She ends up killing the characters that were a threat to Joe. Joe wants to kill her but Love tells him that she is pregnant with his baby. This leads to him not killing her. In the season 2 finale, we see that Love used her family connections and power to escape the crimes she committed. Therefore Joe basically meets his soul mate.

In season 3 Joe and Love move to the suburbs after getting married and start their new lives with their baby. Here too Joe is still infatuated with a mysterious woman living in his neighborhood, which makes Love uneasy and she goes to kill her. In order to cover up her crimes, Joe buries her body. Love further goes on to killing and Joe covering up her crimes.

Things get further complicated as Love starts having an affair with her neighbor’s son, Theo, the stepson of the mysterious woman towards whom Joe was drawn, and Love killed her. While Joe starts getting more distanced from Love, he is also getting obsessed with his co-worker Marienne.

You Season 4

Things definitely are okay in their lives as Love and Joe get caught by their friendly neighborhood couple, Sherry and Cary. They lock them up in the basement, which is basically similar to Joe’s glass room.

Marienne is a single mother, who is fighting a custody battle with her ex-husband. She is planning to move to France with her daughter after she wins the custody battle. Therefore, Joe enters her life and kills her ex-husband who is in the way of Marienne and her daughter.

Joe starts having an affair with Marienne. This makes Love furious. She plans to kill Marienne but upon seeing that she has a little daughter, Love let her go. Love tells Marienne that it was Joe who killed her ex-husband and that he is a stalker and a psychopath who is dangerous. This makes Marienne leave.

The ending was extremely dramatic; Joe manages to kill Love and stages the crime scene as a murder-suicide. He fakes his own murder in the most bizarre way by burning the house and leaving. He drops his baby at his friend’s house who then raises Love and Joe’s baby. In the end, it is shown that Joe has once again changed his identity and has moved to Paris in order to find Marienne.