You Season 5: When will it get released?

You Season 5: When will it get released?
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“But I do miss having someone out there, someone worth watching. A puzzle worth solving. You.”

Since when did Kate become so chilled and forgiving? Definitely when Joe manipulated her after killing her father and of Couse, his little bit of the good side too! You series has been many things, but never this psychotic! Alas! You have outnumbered our theories for the season four end and raised new questions.

We never thought of a day when we’ll see Joe accepting his dark side. Always chasing love in the wrong way but never giving up, Joe finally settled with someone like Kate and he might be in a relationship, but we can’t believe it’ll last forever, especially after recalling how Joe’s deceased wife, Love ended! We have several questions from You Season 5 & we are going to answer a few questions too. 

You Season 5: When will it get released?
Credits: Instagram

You is a psychologically thriller series based on Caroline Kepnes’s novel of the same name. The American show is developed by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble & now fans are ready for the final season. After successfully running the show for whole four seasons from 2018, fandom is going crazy over the latest episodes! Who would have thought Penn Badgley would play the role of Joe perfectly?

While there were several recurring cast members, Penn has been the icon of the Netflix original from the beginning & unfortunately, the series is coming to an end. Since the series’ fourth season second part got out on March 9, 2023. Fans are buzzing about the You Season 5 release, so we like to clear the air through our prediction! 

When will You Season 5 be released?

You first premiered on the big screen on September 9, 2018, on the Lifetime network. All the successful screening of ten episodes, Netflix came forward and adopted the series. When Lifetime reneged on the initial offer for the second season, Berlanti explained how she went to the executive’s office and pledged him to change his mind.

However, they were relieved when Netflix guaranteed of committing to a second season. On December 26, 2019, You Season 2 got released on Netflix after getting renewed in late 2018. The series followed a similar pattern, the third season got renewed on January 14, 2020, while the series got aired on October 13, 2021.

And recently You Season 5 got renewed in March 2023, and we can expect its release in early 2024. Since the filming for the series takes almost 5-6 months, we can predict the release date would be sometime in early 2024. You is in the top ten most watched original series in the U.S. market while it has ranked with 10.96 billion total minutes of streaming. You explore the psychodynamic view of erotomania and obsessive love of Joe. In the first three seasons, we saw how Joe hunts or gets hunted, regardless of the fact we never caught Joe accepting his flaws. In the fourth season, dynamics changed.


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We saw Joe confront his dark side & when he woke up after attempting to kill himself he wasn’t with Rhys anymore. But in the final scene, a hint of him is still seen in Joe. Instead of giving up, it feels like Joe has accepted him. With the kind of power & money, Kate has, it is unlikely that Joe will be able to kill her after his obsession wears off ( which always does). But then again, he was able to kill her father, with the same power and money.

All of this will be disclosed in You Season 5, we can expect to watch Joe and Kate in the final installment, while fans have their doubts regarding Marrienne since she just escaped from Joe’s jail. Let’s see what’s stored for us in the series’ final season until then let us know what you think down in the comment section!