You Season 5: Will Marienne Bellamy be back?

marianne you season 4

*Spoilers Ahead*

You Season 4 had some twists that were kind of predictable but in the case of Marienne, it was a bit unexpected. Nadia breaks out into Joe’s house and went to his secret place where she finds an infamous glass cage in which Joe trapped Marienne. Well, in You Season 4 Part 1 we saw Joe leave Marienne so that she can go back to Paris but the twist was he poisoned her coffee and he trapped her.

Now, the question is why did he do so? because Joe never intended to harm Marienne but now he just trapped her. So, what going on in his head? Is Joe about to kill Marienne?

Where Was Marienne?

In You Season 3, Marienne and Joe planned to elope to Paris together but things did not work as planned. Marienn’s violent ex-husband was murdered and she finds out that the murderer was Joe. Love Quinn, who is equally murderous, tricked Marienne into her house. Her real intention was to kill Marienne but she decided not to kill her as she did not want to kill a woman with a daughter. Marienne had her daughter with her so Love suggested Marienne run away to Paris and never come back again. Well, Joe was intending to kill love, after which he faked his death and with a new name, nick, he left arrived Paris to find Marienne. But she wasn’t in Paris, so where was she?


What Happens To Marienne in You Season 4?

Joe changed his personality as he wanted to live a different life. Although he had no plans to become a professor by profession, he was still enjoying his fake identity. He went to Paris in search of Marienne but he got to know that she is not in Paris. He stalks art classes and installations, hoping to find her because Marienne was passionate about art and he knew this. Finally, he got a clue that Marienne might have flown to London to visit an art fair. Joe went to London and he followed Marienne but she was trying her best to run away from Joe. But Joe caught her and he tried his best to explain everything that he did in the past. Marienne was not ready to listen to any explanation and she just said that Joe is a killer and he is like a monster to her. This hurts Joe!! He sets her free. Well, Love’s father sent a hitman behind Joe to kill him but Joe has a word with him so the hitman asks Joe to kill Marienne. But, once Marienne called Joe a killer or monster, he wanted to change so he decided not to kill Marienne.

Does Marienne Die in You Season 4?

No, she was saved. In London, we see that Joe lets her go back to Paris but this actually doesn’t happen. The words said by Marienne, did hurt Joe’s ego so he decided not to let her escape. He poisoned her coffee and then took her away. He had an infamous glass cage in which he put Marienne and trapped her. Joe was living his new personality as a professor so much that he was forgetting his real identity. But, when he was coming back to reality, he intends to free Marienne. However, what he didn’t know was that Nadia found the place where the glass cage was. Nadia already broke into Joe’s house and found the clues. These hints helped her find Marienne.

Marienne and nadia you season 4 part 2

Nadia and Marienne worked on a plan, there were some drugs that could slow Marienne’s heart down. She gave that drugs to Marienne which can help her fake her death. Marienne took those drugs and slept on the ground and pretended to be dead as if she overdosed on drugs. When Joe finds out that Marienne is dead in the cage, he takes her to a nearby park and left her on a bench. When Joe left, Nadia was hiding behind a tree, she quickly injects Marienne and she woke up. She went back to Paris and reunited with her daughter. So, yes, Marienne was saved.

Will Marienne Not Appear In You Season 5?


Marienne might appear in You Season 5 because she has an opportunity to seek justice. Joe won’t come behind her as he thinks Marienne is dead. But, if Marienne gets a plan to take revenge or something, then she has to be careful because Joe’s mental state isn’t stable. If he finds out that Marienne is alive, he would again come behind her or maybe Marienne and her daughter’s life will be at risk. Who knows what Joe is up to? He deep down never intends to hurt Marienne but at the same time he caged her or chases her. Marienne always wants to live a peaceful life with her daughter but the circumstances never let her sit back. So, in You Season 5, chances are that we might see Marienne using this opportunity.