10 Best food joints in the US

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Every time you plan outings with friends or family for some special occasions, you spend ample time searching for the best eatery, which has value for money, good food, and a mind-blowing ambiance. The United States is known for its exceptional food culture and has numerous options in terms of food joints which makes it even harder to choose the best one.

Here we have made your task a little easier by listing out some best food-joint that you can opt for in your future plans.

Girl and the Goat, Chicago

girl and goat
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The foods on the inventive menu are well-prepared and reasonably priced. This food joint based in Chicago is so alluring that you would want to visit it every time you are here. If you are planning a fantastic dinner, then this is where you would like to invest your money and time.

Craft, New York City

craft newyork
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From the decorations to the music, the bar to the atmosphere, and the trained and well-organized staff, this place offers everything you are looking for, including good and delicious, of course. The wine list, wine menu, and mixed beverages are all excellent. The food is extraordinary, and you can’t miss out on muffins before you leave.

Per Se, New York City

per se
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This restaurant gives perfect eating experiences. The prices are a little high but definitely match the high quality of the meal, presentation, and service.

Chez Panisse, Berkeley, California

chez panisse
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If you looking for a private and cozy environment, this place is a gem, which serves some excellent food like pizza with Monterey Bay squid and goat cheese, a variety of chicken dishes, crème Fraiche panna cotta, and a mouth-watering dessert.

The French Laundry, Yountville, California

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This place serves you exquisite cuisine, and the dining experience is of top class. The Alaskan king crab, the oysters, the Wagyu beef, the turbot, the incredible chocolates and doughnuts for dessert, and many more delicacies served in this restaurant are incredibly good.

Jean Georges, New York City

jean george
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Don’t miss out on the dining experience if you are in New York City, even for a short while. It is the best place for food bloggers as well to capture the artistic plating of every dish.  Every dish here is a piece of art. Every single item served here is finger-licking. The wine list is extensive as well.

The River café, Brooklyn

river cafe
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If you have any special occasion, then this place makes a better option with the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline lighting up at night, so we chose the River Cafe. It has a relishing menu that is super delicious, including desserts.  The location and food are worth the spending.

Del Posto, New York

del posto
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A top-notch place to hang out with friends and family or to have lunch with colleagues. You can enjoy the captain’s menu, a seven-course meal that showcases the best that Del Posto has to offer. If you see the food reviews, most people appreciated the lasagna served here. The wine sommelier also offers wonderful selections.

Lahaina grill, Maui Hawaii

lahaina grill
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The dinner served at Lahaina grill is amazing and not to be missed if you are on vacation to this island. It has numerous options for dinner and beverages, and also, don’t forget to save some space in your stomach for mouth-watering desserts.

Uchi, Austin, Texas

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If you want to experience a five-start eating experience and expensive taste, then this place is worth it. The dishes are super delicious and have value for money. The wonderful atmosphere adds the cherry on the cake.