10 Best makeup brushes to include in your kit

Makeup brushes
Credit: Pexels.com

If you are a makeup lover, you may have already started building your collection a long time ago. You can tick mark all the essentials in your kit like a foundation, eyeshadow palette, highlighter, concealer, and so on. However, you also need a handy batch of quality tools to help blend all the products perfectly into your skin.

Yes, we are talking about makeup brushes here. We have a plethora of makeup brushes available in the market, and figuring out which ones best suit our needs might be a difficult task. So, why not take some professional help to pick your set of essential makeup brushes!

Must-have makeup brushes

We have turned to some makeup pros and curated a list of makeup brushes that must be present in your kit.

  • Blending brush

    Blending Brush
    Credit: Colorbar Cosmetics

This amazing brush is meant to define the eye crease or the socket beautifully. It helps distribute the eyeshadow evenly and densely without leaving any residue behind. Its softening effect helps blend those desired areas perfectly.

  • Foundation blender

    Foundation Blender
    Credit: Huda Beauty

It is time that you understand that makeup is something beyond the face. It is when the foundation blender comes in handy. This amazing brush is used for body makeup and gives amazing coverage. Its small and dense texture makes it a good fit for body makeup, especially the legs.

  • Flat definer

    Flat Definer
    Credit: Nykaa

If you are a fan of eyeliners, this brush does it all. This flat brush is used to line your eyes perfectly. You can also use it to fill your brows and add definition to your eyeshadow.

  • Cheek brush

    Cheek Brush
    Credit: Wet N Wild

If you are looking for a tool for all-around blending, this brush is the perfect fit for you. It not only helps apply contour correctly, but you can also use it to apply foundation and bronzer.

  • Synthetic brush

    Synthetic Brush
    Credit: theplume.co

If you are a lover of cream blushes, then this brush is the best option for you. Its synthetic bristles help the blush blend softly and flawlessly into your skin.

  • Blush brush

    Blush Brush
    Credit: Colorbar Cosmetics

As the name suggests, this brush enables you to apply blush flawlessly on your cheeks. Well, its uses do not end here. You can also use this brush to swirl and buff powders, cream bronzers, and skincare.

  • Pro concealer brush

    Pro concealer brush
    Credit: Sephora

This brush is the best option to apply concealer around the eye area, including your T-zone. Its tapered brush head makes it easier to blend the product into your skin.

  • Flat eyeliner brush

    Flat liner brush
    Credit: EuropeGirl

Experts recommend using this brush for tight-lining with gel, cream, or cake liner. You can use it perfectly for stippling the product right across the lash line.

  • Eyelash comb

    Eyelash comb
    Credit: Vega

Who doesn’t wish to have a wispy, feathery lash! You can use this amazing comb to take out the excessive mascara chunks from your lashes and make them look beautiful as ever.

  • Hood eyeshadow brush

    Hood Eyeshadow brush
    Credit: Sephora

This brush is a fluffy one with a gradual point that helps blend the eyeshadow perfectly on the crease of your eye.