10 Best series to watch on Hulu right now

Is Ramy Season 3 premiering in September 2022?

Hulu has lately been providing audiences with content that is bold, outspoken, and different and sets a mark in the field of over-the-top (OTT) platforms. It is a streaming service based in the US whose majority shares are owned by Walt Disney, which explains why they are always open to experimentation. This has led audiences to explore this as an upcoming mainstream platform when they run out of content from Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The content is fresh, with a new cast that shows how the industry is progressing. What if we told you that there are more titles to Hulu than What We Do in the Shadows and Only Murders in the Building? What if we gave you a list of series that could give you a fresh start to watching Hulu from a new lens? Have a look at this list. It has a collection of quirky slap-hard comedies, drama, romance, and crime stories to match all tastes and help all age groups. Here are the ten best series to stream on Hulu right now.

Only Murders in the Building:

Only Murders in the Building Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Number of seasons: 3

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10

Genre: Comedy-drama

Director: Steve Martin and John Hoffman

Cast: Selena Gomez (Mabel Mora), Amy Ryan (Jan Bellows), Steve Martin (Charles), Martin Short (Oliver)

Starring the very famous Selena Gomez, the story sees three strangers living in a building who are true crime enthusiasts. It is seen by the way they talk, walk, and live. Now, what happens when these three strangers come together and find that there has been a crime on the west side of the building? The crime is a murder. Now that they start using their own knowledge and theories, they build up conspiracies about who could have been the murderer and start weaving lies about each other in the process. This unfolds a lot of drama and comedy along with dialogues as exchanges, which make the audience roll with laughter. Things get serious when they realize that the murderer is one among them, and they need to find the clues before it is too late.


Ramy Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Number of seasons: 3

IMDB Rating: 8./10

Genre: Political-Comedy

Director: Ramy Youssef, Ari Katcher and Ryan Welch

Cast: Ramy Youseff as Ramy Hassan, Laith Nakli as Uncle Naseem, Hiam Abbas as Maysa, Amr Waked as father Farouk, May Calamawy as sister Dena

Strong commentary in the form of subtle comedy, the show deals with genre- satire. When a young man who comes from a lineage of Egyptian immigrants comes to the US, he’s a Muslim and has to deal with fate, torn society, new age ideas, modernism, and capitalism as he settles down in the land of opportunities.

It seems that across the three seasons, he explores different things like his friends, his family, the journey of spirituality, his political inclinations, and how he shifts countries.

It also shows how it feels to be caught between your religious beliefs and morality, along with living your life to the fullest. The show, using jokes, tries to help us understand how immigrant Muslims are being treated in such countries that term themselves as developed, and it sees how a person needs to be connected to the roots in order to survive any type of adversity.

What We Do in the Shadows:

What We Do in the Shadows Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Number of seasons: 5

IMDB Rating: 8.6/10

Genre: Mockumentary

Director: Jemaine Clement

Cast: Natasia Demetriou (Nadja), Matt Berry (Mr. Laszlo), Harvey (Guillermo), Kayvan (Nandor)

How would it feel to have a fresh take on the world of vampires? What if they were living among us, and we had no realization of that? What We Do In The Shadows has been adopted from the feature film by the same makers who have tried to take a documentary version of what these vampires do at night. There are three vampires living together and are struggling to live up to the life and expectations of New York City.

Things get difficult to manage when the leader is facing issues with establishing himself in the nightlife, which is the more active hours for vampires and living as normal people during the day. The drama that unfolds, along with a lot of mockery of the society, government system, administration, and the capitalist form of economy, is all that is seen here.

Though fictional in nature, it has been given a mockumentary style, which means it is a found footage type of series.


Extraordinary | Official Trailer | Hulu

Number of seasons: 1

IMDB Rating: 7.7/10

Genre: Comedy

Director: Emma Moran

Cast: Ms. Tyers (Jen), Luke Rollason(Jizzlord), Sofia Oxenham (Carrie), Bilal Hasna (Kash), Mr. Ned (Luke), Safia Oakley Green (Andy)

We all are just ordinary people trying to find ways of being extraordinary so that we can stand out and fight the world.

The world sometimes can be a very cool place to be in. The protagonist here is a young struggling young adult who is trying to find validation in all spaces of her life. She is in a big, confusing world and is hopeful, but hope makes people desperate. When the protagonist has a chance to be a superheroine or have some superpowers, she goes to all extents to explore it and capture it. In the process, though she is doubtful that she might have this superpower, it fills her with confidence and helps her understand that it is okay to not have it and just be a normal human being.

It explains the value of life and the value of being an ordinary person. In this journey, she is supported by her friends, and the show unwinds towards a very satisfactory conclusion.


UnPrisoned | Official Trailer | Hulu

Number of seasons: 1

IMDB Rating: 6.9/10

Genre: Comedy

Director: Tracy McMillan

Cast: Kerry Washington (Paige), Delroy Lindo (Edwin), Brenda Strong (Nadine), Marque Richardson (Mal)

It is crucial for children to have both their parents while they’re growing up. If they have a father who has been in prison for a crime, the law, police, and constant trials make the children insecure about themselves. What happens when a therapist who’s also a single mom is having the time of her life trying to adjust to certain changes and is dealing with the insecurities of a teenage son and daughter? While on the side, her husband gets out of prison and wants to reconcile with the children. Would she allow that? Or would she want her children to make a decision for themselves?

The daughter is practical and wants to become a social media influencer, but is insecure about how people are going to perceive her after knowing that her father is a prisoner. The teenage son, on the other hand, is creating a ruckus in his teenage years by being a typical adolescent. What happens when all these dramas unfold together? We also see angles of lawyers, legal representatives, and it is a commentary on how social structures function.

Love, Victor:

Love, Victor Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Number of seasons: 3

IMDB Rating: 8/10

Genre: Queer-Drama

Director: Isaac Uptaker and Elizabeth Berger

Cast: Michael Cimino (Victor), Nick Robinson (Simon), Mason Gooding (Andrew), George Sear (Benji)

A spinoff from the original movie, Love, Simon, it dwells in the same world and is along the same lines as Love, Simon is originally based on a book named ‘Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda.’ It deals with the main character, Simon, who is blackmailed after he comes out as gay. It also sees his secret brewing relationship with an anonymous person online and how, once he finds out who this person is, the entire world starts looking at him differently.

It seems that he comes out as a more confident person and learns to deal with his own problems better, which is seen here as well. Victor is a similar boy who wants to come out as gay and is facing a lot of challenges, because of which he is not able to talk about his sexual orientation openly. Here is when he reaches out to Simon for help, and the three seasons encompass his journey of coming out and identifying with his original identity.

American Crime Story:

American Crime Story Season 1 First Trailer (HD)

Number of seasons: 3

IMDB Rating: 8.4/10

Genre: Thriller

Director: Mr. Larry and Scott Alexander

Cast: Sarah Paulson (Marcia), Beanie (Monica), Clive Owen (William), Edie Falco (Hillary Clinton), Judith (Marilyn)

In an anthology-based series, it looks at the most infamous crimes in American History. In the first three seasons it sees the OJ Simpson trial of 1994-95, a very famous black American football player who’s accused of killing his ex-wife and waiter while the police have collected evidence to show that they were in an affair, and Mr. Simpson was still in love with his ex-wife, so he went and tried to kill both of them. We see that the lawyers are finding ways to prove him not guilty and get him acquitted because he’s arrested and in prison.

It sees the hypocrisy of governments and administrative machinery that runs one nation. The three seasons focus only on this particular trial. However, the upcoming seasons will focus on other infamous cases side by side

Drag Me to Dinner:

Drag Me To Dinner | Official Trailer | Hulu

Number of seasons: 1

IMDB Rating: 6.1/10

Genre: Reality TV Show

Director: David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris

Cast: Judges-Bianca Del Rio, David Burtka, Haneefah Wood, Neil Patrick Harris; Contestants-Willam Belli and BeBe Zahara Bennet

What happens when a reality competition is between two successful drag queens?
Whenever anything happens, we just say do not drag me into this. But here we see two headstrong women dragging everyone to dinner with their best dishes, which are going to be judged by judges from across various expertise and crowning one of them as the winner.

The one season is filled with controversial drama and has two episodes of one hour each that winds up the entire show. Watch to find out who wins it and how they do it. Are there any double standards involved?

Betrayal: The Perfect Husband:

Betrayal : The Perfect Husband | Official Trailer

Number of seasons: 1

IMDB Rating: 5.9/10

Genre: Docuseries

Director: Nancy Glass

Cast: Sequoia Shayvonne and John Reshetar

We all have the idea of a perfect man, the man of one’s dreams, and the man we want to get married to.
What happens when the bond of marriage you went into is so toxic that you’re not able to get out of it? What happens when a woman who thinks her husband is perfect finds out that he has been betraying her all this time? Based on a podcast of a true crime series by the same name, it discusses sexual assault and predatory relationships. When a woman finds out that her husband is not who he seems, she meets the victim, who is brave enough to ask for her life back and blames her husband for being a two-timer. The revelation is shocking.

It is being portrayed in a highly dramatic manner, but this Docuseries is important to understand how one should know who they are getting married to before rushing into it, just like that. It brings awareness of online dating and many such safety aspects.


Casual TV Show Trailer Season 1

Number of seasons: 4

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

Genre: Romance-Comedy

Director: Jason Reitman

Cast: Tommy Dewey (Alex), Michaela Watkins (Valerie), Nyasha Hatendi (Leon), Tara Lynne (Laura)

Comedy and maturity packaged in sachets that slowly unfold in this coming-of-age comedy series explore the take of young people and this generation on relationships. What happens when you start living with your sister again?

We find the main character, a stereotypical bachelor, having his divorced sister coming back to live with him. She comes with her teenage daughter, who is still coming to terms with the divorce but wants to start dating because she is a teenager.

When all three start living together, there are uncomfortable moments, but slowly, they start realizing that all three of them are in different types of casual relationships for different reasons: to see how the truths of life are being seen. While the brother is still trying to grow up, the divorced sister wants to have fun, and the daughter wants to be a typical adolescent. Just finding ways of understanding aspects of life and how people need to be treated. It is seen in the form of blind dates, parental visits, and nightstands all put together, which brings in moments of comedy.

With these series on your list, you are sure to feel the mix of all emotions: happiness, craziness, and fear!