10 Foods to avoid for optimal health


We might not keep a count of every calorie we have on a regular basis. This means we might be eating certain bad calorie-rich foods that are not doing any good to our bodies.

But if you are looking to achieve optimal health, it is important that you avoid certain foods. What might look harmless can hinder your journey to achieving your desired health.

Here is a list of certain foods that should be avoided to achieve optimal health. 

Diet soda


If you are the one who’s choosing diet soda over regular soda because of its less sugar content, then you might be the dumbest person on Earth. It is usually overloaded with artificial sweeteners that are associated with high blood pressure and increased risk of stroke. Moreover, it also affects gut health, which has a high chance of disturbing the natural balance of the gut microbiomes. 

Low-fat peanut butter

Peanut butter

It’s a very common habit to choose these kinds of low-fat foods because you might be assuming these are the healthier versions. But in reality, this is totally a wrong concept. Low-fat peanut butter might contain added carbs, sugar, and salt, which can be more hazardous than regular peanut butter. 

Non-organic strawberries

Research says that strawberries are the first fruit that is excessively contaminated with harmful fertilizers and pesticides during cultivation. It can affect the endocrine system, especially in females who are having gastric issues. So, it’s always a safe option to rinse the strawberries in vinegar water before consuming them. 



Salami is a processed meat that contains a high level of sodium that causes unnatural fluctuations in blood pressure readings. Moreover, these highly processed meats are associated with an increased risk of cancer, heartburn, and even certain serious health disorders. 

Instant noodles


One of the most common on-the-go breakfasts across the world is instant noodles or pizza. Both are equally dangerous and harmful if you are a gastric patient. You might feel full and heavy after consuming these fast foods. A lot of spices are believed to irritate your stomach health, ultimately causing stomach upset and heartburn. 

Table salt

table salt

Table salt is the most important and irreplaceable part of our everyday life. But have you ever thought how poisonous it can be when it is passed through the manufacturing process? Research says that the content of natural iodine in salt becomes nil after the manufacturing process. Moreover, in the absence of this natural iodine, one can suffer from thyroid issues and certain metabolism problems too. 

Pre-made smoothies


These kinds of pre-made or premixed foods are again considered an unhealthy option. Pre-made smoothies lack freshness and contain a lot of harmful preservatives. Hence, the food that lacks freshness, you simply can’t eat due to its high level of added preservative content. Moreover, these are loaded with high fat, sugar, and artificial flavors and colors, which can lead to several dental issues and abnormal weight gain. 

Frozen yogurt

We often choose these kinds of delicacies whenever we crave something sweet and delicious at the same time. However, several studies say that frozen yogurt is a healthier version of ice cream because it contains relatively fewer amounts of sugar and fat than regular ice cream. But it’s not true for all cases. Hence, it is recommended to treat it as an occasional food rather than consuming it whenever you are craving it. 



You should never consume any kind of caffeinated products on an empty stomach. It will make you feel more dehydrated if you are choosing coffee first thing in the morning. Research says that it has a tendency to increase stress hormones, which makes us more anxious and results in sleeplessness. Moreover, it increases the formation of gas in the colon, and ultimately, it will end up giving you a painful, bloated stomach.



Mushroom is considered one of the nutritious substitutes for meat because it’s a powerhouse of nutrients like riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folate, and more, which helps to boost our immunity system. But it should be noted that if you are one of those people who often suffer from gastric problems and constipation, then mushroom is a big NO for you. The presence of Polyols, a sugar alcohol, causes bloating and formation of gas.