10 Mistakes to avoid in a relationship

Source: pexels.com

Are you failing to figure out what’s going wrong in your relationship? Do you experience frequent disputes and arguments? Let’s sort this out. We have come up with ten mistakes that one should never make in a relationship. Avoiding these mistakes will help you in setting up a strong foundation for a relationship that can last long. One needs to understand that love is a very sensitive matter. Being in a relationship can be like a fairy tale or a bed of roses with more thorns and fewer petals.

To make your relationship sound like a fairy tale, avoid making the following mistakes:

Not setting boundaries

Always set certain boundaries in a relationship. Although, one believes that if two people love each other, they should share everything with each other, and they should live like a single soul. But it is essential to set boundaries. Respect the other person’s opinions and comfort zone. It is very important to decide limits on what should be done and what not.

Losing your own self


Never lose your own self in a relationship. Keep some space for yourself and your me-time. Your me-time should not be his or her time. Always focus on your goals. People often say that they have devoted their complete life to their partners. But, the perspective of this situation is very important. One aspect is to devote life in the way of devoting time and love, while another aspect is devoting the complete day to the partner and not focusing on self-growth. Every person has his/her life goals to achieve. Make sure that the relationship does not drive you away from what you are doing and what you want to do in life.

Not sharing events and updates

Always share what’s happening around you. One should always share life updates with the partner. This makes the bond stronger, and the person feels more connected. Such acts depict your interest in the person and bring up actions of involvement in the relationship. Staying quiet for some time without sharing anything might make the partner uncomfortable or lead to different directions of thoughts. To avoid this, always share events like a trip or a family shopping in advance, so your partner is well-prepared. Also, share major updates of the day like meals and to-do lists.

Showing less interest


Never perform actions that depict that you are less interested in your partner and the relationship. Acts like not listening attentively, not getting involved in the plans, and speaking less exhibit that you are being forced into the situation. Never make your partner feel like they are an ‘extra element’ in your life. Make frequent meet-up plans and make sure that you are happy in a conversation, reacting like you want to know more.

Not being punctual

This should not happen frequently. When a date, meet-up, or call is planned, make sure that you are available on time. Getting late frequently and making excuses shows disrespect for the partner’s time. If you respect their time and energy, reach the planned location on time or 2-5 minutes prior to it. Every time you reach a minute early or on time, it will bring a special sense of happiness to your partner.

Giving a boring vibe for romance


Your participation in the romance should not decline with time. Show your passion for your partner. When your partner is excited and wishes to indulge in romance, give them a thumbs up. Go around the moment slowly that satisfies you both. Giving a boring vibe for romance can upset your boyfriend or girlfriend. This can lead to disappointment.

Not celebrating milestones

Always take care of the dates like your first meet-up or your proposal day. Surprise your partner with gifts or special plans to celebrate such days. You need not remember many days and dates. All you need to remember is some basic information about the days that made the foundation of your relationship. Celebrate milestones like anniversaries and birthdays. This makes your partner happy and also gives a sense of attachment. It depicts how much you remember about them and their importance in your life.

Not respecting each other’s choices


Never show a bad attitude towards your partner’s choice. This can be about the choice of food, clothing, date venues, or his/her taste in things. Sometimes, the opinions may vary. Do not show negligent behavior towards their choices. Always respect the choices. How to do this? Listen carefully to what he/she says, understand it well, and then decide upon what is to be done.

Getting uninvolved with time

As the relationship gets older, some people start getting less involved in the bond-like, spending lesser time, not meeting frequently, etc. Such mistakes can lead to a breakup when your partner feels that you are not interested in the relationship anymore and you are bored of it. Never give such feelings to your partner. Always make them feel special when they are around you and keep reminding them about your love for them.

Making unrealistic demands


While in a relationship, you should never make unrealistic demands. In such times, the partner feels pressurized. If this happens often, it can irritate your partner too. Always think about the circumstances and situations, study the feasibility factors, and then place your demands. This point talks about all kinds of demands like meeting up, gifts, chatting, on-call conversations, etc.

If you want a happy and healthy relationship, you must avoid making the above-stated mistakes. A few tiny mistakes can spoil your love life. Never make the other person feel as if you are toxic. There are some more ways of leading a happy relationship with your idle partner. You should never try to control them, and you should always respect their choices and preferences. You need not suppress your choices to do this. Make sure you find a mid-way out if there are any differences in opinions.