10 Side effects of not taking enough sleep

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Headache, fatigue, and crankiness are all part and parcel of not getting enough sleep. And rightly so, since a night of sound sleep improves the immunity system and brain functionalities and provides a relaxed and good mood.

Hence, if you are continuing with the habit of not getting enough sleep and are proud of it, you may face some serious health problems in the near future. Not getting enough sleep implies that your brain is not getting enough resting period, and this can trigger the anxiety level, slowing down the thinking power, and you will end up finding yourself in a dark phase of your life.

Research also suggests that not getting the appropriate amount of sleep can make the size of your brain bigger than what it is. Here is a list of 10 side effects that you should be aware of if you are not getting enough sleep.

Unusual weight gain

10 Side effects of not taking enough sleep

Poor quality of sleep or insomnia can result in gaining some extra muscle mass. Moreover, it has a strong link with metabolic changes that can lead to obesity in the long run. Also, lack of sleep can happen due to bad food habits, increased calorie intake, and decreased physical activity. 

Increases the risk of diabetes

12 Side effects of not taking enough sleep

Lack of sleep can also increase the risk of diabetes and the development of diabetes as well. Research says that lack of sleep causes less production of insulin in the body. Hence, it’s considered as a risk factor for the one who is already a diabetic patient. 

Kidney problems 

12 Side effects of not taking enough sleep

Research has shown proven results that sleep is closely associated with renal diseases. It is also true that people with chronic kidney diseases often suffer from a lack of sleep or insomnia. But a new study says that the risk of kidney disease increases when you don’t get the right amount of sleep. 

You will fall sick more often

Poor quality of sleep implies a poor immunity system. You are not letting your body take the required rest so that it can perform the daily activities. Furthermore, it loses the capacity to combat seasonal diseases, and you will end up falling sick now and then. 

The risk of cancer increases

12 Side effects of not taking enough sleep

Disturbing the normal sleep cycle can increase the risk of certain cancer types such as breast, colon, ovary, and prostate cancer. So remember not to disturb the sleeping cycle at any cost. 

You will start forgetting things


Insufficient sleep or a bad sleeping schedule are the two most common problems in the current generation. Not getting enough sleep implies that your brain is not getting enough resting periods, and this can trigger your memorizing capacity and concentration and hamper your learning capacity. 

Depression and anxiety


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Mood swings and sleep are interconnected to each other. This means when you don’t get enough sleep, you can suffer from depression and panic attacks. Simultaneously, if you are already suffering from any kind of mental health issues, the sleep cycle will also get hamper. 


One can suffer from hypertension and anxiety if one does not maintain a proper sleep cycle. The risk of brain stroke and heart attack increases when you don’t get to sleep on an everyday basis. It can also cause inflammation in the arteries, which can further lead to Atherosclerosis. 

Impaired immunity system


Not getting enough sleep can hinder your immune system. One can suffer from bad immune health if he or she is not getting the minimum amount of sleep. Study says that sound sleep benefits the immune system in many ways. Moreover, you might feel zoned out and less energetic if you don’t get a good sleep for at least 7-8 hours. 

A less healthy gut

stomach ache

A night of sound sleep also helps in improving gut health. When you don’t get the required amount of sleep due to heavy work pressure and day-to-day activities, you might experience a less healthy gut. Research says that night workers experience such unusual conditions because of lack of sleep.