10 Tips to ensure healthy communication in a relationship

Happy Couple
Credits: Pexels

Communication in a relationship is key to having a healthy relationship. Read ahead to know more!

Even though communication is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship, it’s something that many people and couples struggle with. When you don’t know how to communicate in a relationship, you and your partner will be more likely to argue, have miscommunications, or hurt each other’s feelings. We have listed down 10 tips to ensure healthy communication in a relationship.

Find the right setting

When you’re exhausted or overwhelmed, it can be difficult to have a real (let alone positive) discussion. If you and your partner need to talk about something important, or if you’ve been struggling with an issue, be sure to give yourself time to process your feelings before, during, and after the conversation. Staying in a neutral, peaceful environment can also help, especially during particularly difficult conversations.

Work on being an active listener

When it comes to communication, listening is just as important as talking. If you’re not sure how to improve communication in a relationship, start by honing your listening skills.

Avoid distractions

If you’re busy checking your phone, scrolling through Instagram, or watching TV when your partner’s trying to talk to you, it can be difficult to focus on what they’re saying. It can also make them feel ignored, and it’s overall an unhealthy communication problem.


Validate your partner’s feelings

If your partner says something you disagree with, you might have negative feelings towards them and feel defensive. While that’s a natural reaction, and you won’t always agree, you should respect and acknowledge that your partner’s feelings are sincere and valid. Validating your partner’s feelings will curtail gaslighting in relationships.

Be kind and respectful

When it comes to how to stop fighting in a relationship, a little kindness can go a long way, especially when emotions are running high. Make a point of being kind to your partner when you’re having a conversation. We can all practice a little more kindness in life, and it’s a great place to start if you’re not sure how to communicate better in a relationship. If you constantly feel as though the kindness and respect aren’t being reciprocated, it’s a sign you may be in a one-sided relationship.


Avoid placing blame

If you phrase your feelings the wrong way, your partner might feel attacked or blamed, which leads to insecurity in relationships. When you’re expressing how you feel, try to use “I” statements.

Don’t avoid conflict

Dealing with conflict is never fun, but ignoring issues won’t make your problems go away; open communication is key. When you don’t properly deal with pain points in a romantic relationship, there’s a good chance things will eventually turn into a major source of conflict.


Check-in with your partner throughout the day

It isn’t always easy to spend time with your partner, especially when you’re both busy. When it comes to how to fix a broken relationship, simply reaching out to check in every so often can go a long way in letting them know that even when you’re busy, you’re there, and you care.

Set boundaries

If you’ve noticed that you and your partner are frequently arguing over the same things, try setting boundaries that’ll help you nip things in the bud.

Have a positive attitude

Positivity is key to better communication. You and your partner are a team, and keeping things on a positive level can help your relationship in so many ways. Your common goal should always be to work through problems that you’re having and try to arrive at a mutual understanding.