10 Tips to fight flu

flu fight tips health illness
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Flu, also known as influenza is a contagious respiratory illness. It often goes away within 3-5 days but if it stays longer than the usual time period, you should consult a doctor. The most common symptoms include body ache, dehydration, fatigue, runny nose, cough and cold, fever, chills, and congestion.

It is not necessary that all of the mentioned symptoms will be seen if you get flu. It can turn into a serious illness in children below the age of 5 as it is most common in young children and older people but it can also attack those with low immunity. It usually attacks in the winter and rainy season or at the time when seasons are changing from one to another. You can take a flu shot to prevent the flu from attacking as a preventive measure but it is not compulsory.

Here are the 10 tips to fight flu:

  1. Stay at home to avoid spreading the flu to other people and also prevent it from worsening for you. Take ample amount of rest and try to sleep as much as possible as your body becomes very weak at the time of flu.
  2. Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing, coughing, and even talking because flu spreads very quickly from person to person as doing these things will help in preventing the flu to spread to people near you.
  3. Drink at least a glass of hot fluids such as tea, coffee, milk, or even plain hot water to give warmth to your body. You can add several things to your hot drink like cardamom, basil, turmeric, and black pepper to gain the healing properties of these said items and also to enhance flavor.
    flu fight tips health illness
  4. It is a very popular myth that people shouldn’t take showers. Instead, everyone suffering from flu should try to take a shower, especially from hot water to calm and soothe their body and also feel refreshed.
  5. Take OTC medicines if the symptoms of your flu have worsened or it has been more than 3-4 days since you started suffering from the flu. Consult a doctor for OTC medicines and don’t take any kind of medication on your own.flu fight tips health illness
  6. Eat healthy and easily digested and gulped foods such as porridge or vegetable soup. Try to add more healthy and nutritious food and avoid eating junk to prevent the worsening of your flu.
  7. Stay positive in your thoughts and have the faith that you will get okay. Flu is generally not a very severe health issue but if not treated at the right time may worsen.
  8. Wash your hands often as they are mostly the way from which germs enter our body and make us sick. flu fight tips health illness
  9. Avoid sharing your food and drinks with other people and also don’t eat anyone else’s food as it can also be a good way of getting flu germs in your body or vice versa.
  10. Add Vitamin C-rich food to your diet as the nutrient will help in boosting your immunity and will help you in fighting the flu faster.