10 Upcoming shows to watch on Netflix in October

Lupin Part 3: Release date, plot, cast, episodes, teaser trailer, and other details
Credits: NETFLIX

One thing that we all look out for in common is what to watch next. From goofy comedies to sweet romance dramas, something new to binge on is all we need after a tiring day. 

So, if you have been wondering what the next month brings to us, we might have some news. It’s already the last quarter of the year. And guess what? Netflix has a lot to offer. Today, we have curated a long list of 10 upcoming shows that are coming to your Netflix screen just after a week. 

Lupin (Part 3)

Release date: 5 October 2023 

Genre: Crime, Action and Mystery

Cast: Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Antoine Gouy and others

lupin part 3

In the previous season, the story follows a professional thief named – Assane Diop who gets motivated by the protagonist  Arsene Lupin and tries to take revenge on a rich family as they killed his father. The brand new season will be released on the 5th of October, 2023. The story is themed on taking vengeance for injustice. The show is filled with suspense and action.  The fan following of this show ranges from young adults to middle-aged people.

Everything Now (Season 1)

Release date: 5 October 2023

Genre: Comedy, Drama 

Cast: Sophie Wilde, Niamh McCormack, Lauryn Ajufo, Vivienne Acheampong and others

Everything Now

The limited series of “Everything Now” is going to premiere its first season with eight episodes of 45 minutes each. This is a British teen drama directed by none other than Ripley Parker and starring the beautiful and flawless Sophie Wilde in the lead role. The story is all about a teenage girl named Mia Polanco, who has been treated for anorexia, and now, when she is released from the hospital, she is unable to cope with her adolescent phase. Hence, she decided to create a wishlist of all the things she had lost during her treatment period. 

Neon (Season 1)

Release date: 19 October 2023

Genre: Comedy, Music

Cast: Jessie Camacho, Daddy Yankee, Millie Ruperto, Gabo Olmeda and other

Neon | Official Teaser | Netflix

Neon, directed by Max Searle, will be dropping its first season on Netflix on 19th October 2023. All 8 episodes are about three friends who all moved out from a small township area with the hope of making it in the world of reggaeton in Miami. Moreover, the official music track is now available on Apple Music and Spotify. Hook on to the show to find out the new rising star in the world of reggaeton. 

Bodies (Limited Series)

Release date: 19 October 2023

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Sci-fi 

Cast: Amaka Okafor, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Stephen Graham, Kyle Soller and others


This is a popular British crime thriller for which the audience has already been waiting for a long time, and now it’s going to premiere its limited series on 19th October 2023. It is based on the DC comic and graphic novel known as “Bodies,” which was written by none other than Si Spenser. The series is all about a murder case that took place in Whitechapel, and four detectives were assigned for the investigation purpose. However, those four detectives were investigating the same murder case but in four different time periods. If you love to watch thriller series, this one is perfect for you. 

Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul

Release date: 11 October 2023

Genre: Documentary 

Cast: Allen Gladstone

Big Vape The Rise and Fall of Juul

“Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul” is a mini television series directed by R.J. Cutler and is going to be released in the mid-week of October. The captivating and high-voltage story includes a controversial plot of selling electronic cigarettes to a start-up company and slowly and gradually becoming a billionaire just by selling vapes. But this is not the end; the selling of vapes continued until an epidemic of lung diseases and youth addiction broke out all over the city.

Elite (Season 7)

Release date: 20 October  2023

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller 

Cast: Esther Expósito, Itzan Escamilla, Arón Piper, Miguel Bernardeau and others


The Spanish youth drama Elite premiered its first season in the year 2018. Now, it’s all set to release its 7th season in the third week of October. This crime thriller is all about a famous and posh school, Las Encinas, where three teen students went for their admission. After a terrifying earthquake that destroys everything, let’s find out how the people who have everything and the one who doesn’t have anything to lose collide and end up being a part of a mysterious murder. 

Good Night World (Season 1)

Release date: 12 October 2023

Genre: Animation, Comedy-drama, Fantasy 

Cast: Daisuke Hirose, Aya Endo, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Akio Ōtsuka and others

good night world

This is an animated manga series written by Uru Okabe and directed by the famous anime maker Katsuya Kikuchi. Moreover, this was first published in the Ura Sunday and MangaONE magazine in 2015, and now Netflix is going to drop its original version in the coming month. The story is all about a fragmented and shattered family in which the head of the family (father) is not respected by his own children, and the mother always neglects her duties. But they don’t have any idea that all the members are now a part of an online game. Hook on to the show to see what happens next. 

Donna! (Season 1)

Release date: 20 October 2023

Genre: Comedy, Romantic, Drama

Cast: Yang Se-jong, Bae Suzy, Lee Yu-bi and others

Doona! | Official Teaser | Netflix

The South Korean mini television series “Doona!” is coming to your laptop screen on 20th October 2023. Directed by Lee Jeong-hyo, “Doona!” is a captivating love story of an undergraduate college student and a renowned female K-pop singer, which is a remake version of the webtoon known as “The Girl Downstairs”. Stay tuned to your Netflix screen to witness their fascinating love story. 

The Fall of the House of Usher

Release date: 12 October 2023

Genre: Horror, Drama 

Cast: Carla Gugino, Willa Fitzgerald, Kate Siegel, Henry Thomas and others

The Fall of the House of Usher | Official Trailer | Netflix

The supernatural horror drama “The Fall of the House of Usher” is one of the most hyped upcoming short series which is slightly based on a short story with the exact same name and other works by Edger Allan Poe. The Gothic horror story is all about an executive who established his pharmaceutical Dynasty with all his money, advantages and potentiality but suddenly he faces many unfolding secrets after the sudden deaths of his beloved children. 

The Devil in Trial

Release date: 17 October 2023

Genre: Documentary, Crime, Horror

Cast: Foster Hamilton, Adam Hunt, Arne Cheyenne Johnson and others

Directed and written by Christopher Holt, “The Devil in Trial” is all set to release its first episode in the third week of October. It is a brutal crime series where we will be able to witness the exploration of demonic possession for the first and last time. Are you ready to experience the immediate accounts of alleged devil possession and a shocking murder that will definitely bring out internal psychological fear?