100 Foot Wave Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Has HBO renewed 100 Foot Wave for a season 3?
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It’s fun to run away from the waves and chase them again when we are on the shore. But what happens when colossal waves chase us, hauntingly carrying the burden of our deaths behind its back? Fighting with this burden of life and death every day we have the legendary Garrett McNamara and his wife Nicole who account as many of the world’s top big-wave surfers.

Describing the cat-and-mouse chase where the waves follow in the wake of their surfs and they follow the adrenaline rush, Garrett tries to explain his experience at “HBO Doc Panel: 100 Foot Wave” a part of the Deadline FYC House + HBO Max Screening and panel series, saying:

“It’s like getting in a race car, having an avalanche come after you and you’re kind of on a muddy road going as fast as you can, This avalanche — you’re taunting it, for about lack of a better word, staying right under the avalanche, letting it engulf you.”

Bearing an Emmy in its bag, the second season which debuted on HBO on April 16th, covered mostly the waves of Nazaré, Portugal, which are perhaps the biggest waves on the planet. With its finale airing on May 21st, 2023, every viewer chasing similar adrenaline is anticipating the third season to drop on HBO as soon as possible. But, will it?

Here’s everything we know so far about HBO’s 100 Foot Wave season 3.

100 Foot Wave Season 2 | Official Trailer | HBO

Has HBO renewed 100 Foot Wave for a third season?

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At the time of writing this article, HBO has not renewed 100 Foot Wave for a third season. However, considering the exponential success of the first two seasons, fans have all the right to remain hopeful about the future of the show. Don’t forget, the official network was courageous enough to air the show the same night as Succession.

Although Portugal’s waves are touted to be the biggest, we certainly believe that there are more stories to dig, more waves to conquer, and more beaches to anchor to.

Be that as it may, the ball is always in the court of the producers, directors, and the rest of the stakeholders. If everyone agrees to work for the third season, then HBO might as well greenlight the show. Considering that the show is unscripted, it won’t require much investment like other fantasy shows.

What can we expect to happen in 100 Foot Wave season 3?

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In season one, the viewers were introduced to McNamara’s quest to surf the most colossal wave in history. In the second season, we saw him playing a more supportive role to people who want to break into the ocean of his profession.

McNamara explained, “I pretty much accomplished all my goals and dreams, so I just want to help all the people around me accomplish theirs. I’m finally patient and I don’t have to surf every wave.”

The second season also provides us a glimpse into the personal lives of Garrett and Nicole who step into the new chapter, as they welcome their third child, daughter Fe. And for those who have not yet watched the second season, here’s a little push. Nicole literally gives birth to her third child on camera.

She said, “I’m actually a very private person.” However, she added that she felt “definitely no hesitation” about being shot for that intimate moment. “Because starting Season 1 it was my goal, if I was going to do this, I was going to do it fully. I didn’t want to half-do it. … I just had to tell myself, I’m going to completely ignore the camera and I’m going to do everything I normally would do and not change anything that I would say or do.”

The second season also captures honest interpersonal moments between wife and husband, as Nicole explains, “Sometimes it frustrates Garrett because he’ll be like, ‘Don’t get so mad at me in front of the camera.’ I’m like, ‘You asked me to document my life. So I’m gonna keep it real.’”

Based on what viewers watched in the first two seasons, you can expect more of this sweet husband-and-wife banter threading into their journey as mother and father of three children. And not just that, but also balancing it on the surfs, fighting the exorbitant waves.