11 Anime to watch on Netflix if you are new to the world of Manga

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2
Credits: NETFLIX

The world of Manga comics came to life when Anime was made. They are known for their unique screen palettes and different screen experience. The characters here are not formed using real-life shooting or characters but the animation in a mature format. The episodes are small and fast-paced, with less dialogue and lots of colours.

This has converted people to weebs and pushed them to appreciate the culture of Japan more closely. Anime captures emotions, which even Manga fails to. Today, many teenagers and young adults indulge in binge-watching such shows. If you are someone who wants to start watching Anime but does not know where to begin, try this list out today.


Pokémon Horizons: The Series 🌅 | Official Trailer

Who knew that our childhood favorite show that came on multiple channels was actually an anime?

Pokemon is an anime converted from a comic series by the same name and follows the story of Ash, who leaves his house in a quest to become a Pokemon master and has Pikachu as his first Pokemon, after which he finds friends and foes and captures multiple Pokemon to train them and goes for various battles.

This anime has been so successful among children and young adults that there have been games made on this. There are movies and new comics, among many others. If you are a beginner, start with Pokemon because it is light and doesn’t have much to follow. You can watch any episode to follow the story.
You will love the chemistry between Team Rocket, and certain Pokemon like Jigglypuff and Togepi is just going to steal your hearts.

Death Note:


How does it feel to have the power of a person who can kill someone by just writing their name in a mistaken notebook? Death Note has been one of the most famous animes. Among young adults, it is because of the character who is submissive and wants to make it big. When he finds this notebook, see if he misuses his power or uses it properly. It is also interesting to see how morality, family culture, bullying, and such institutions as schools have been questioned really well in this narrative. The main character progresses through the show, and it has become so famous that it is converted into a feature film that streams on Netflix.

Tokyo Ghoul:

Tokyo Ghoul - Season 1 - Official Uncut Trailer

A 2014 mini-series is a dark fantasy that revolves around the concept of people and youngsters who are turning into gold, biting other people, and also turning into goals. Here, the main character is trying to save himself while having personal problems in his life. He is constantly being a target in many places and is not flourishing at his workplace as well. He’s really fond of a goal, but she is not approaching him idle in such a situation and a crisis unfolding. It is time he decides who are the people close to him. These goals look like normal humans and can convert into one and then two. This becomes scarier because you do not know who to trust and who to keep close to. Follow the journey as he tries to figure out and find a way to end things once and for all.


Official Trailer | Naruto Shippuden, Set 1| VIZ

Naruto has been every person’s favorite and is one of the most-watched Anime worldwide. Adopted from the manga series by the same name, it follows the journey of a young, chirpy, and hyperactive Ninja who is working on his skills by helping people in the village to become a head Ninja. However, due to his childish and easy-to-go nature, he is losing out on multiple opportunities. Naruto knows how to please people, make friends, and finish foes. Airing in 2007, it has over 500 episodes now. Available to stream on Netflix.

Kotaro Lives Alone:

Kotaro Lives Alone | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

The Shimizu Apartments is always bustling. A new member gets added to their neighborhood, but guess what? He is a young boy who lives all by himself, and why it remains unknown. Kotaro goes to run his errands himself with his little sword hanging on his back, showing the courage and ability to fight the world himself. If you like dramas and plots where a child is coming of age, why he is away from his parents, and how such countries are actually safe for children to stay all by themselves, then try this show out. You can watch this on Netflix.

Ocean Waves:

Ocean Waves - Official Trailer

Sometimes, life is like the ocean waves, eternal yet temporary. It washes away what it gets and takes away all new things, including memories. When Taku Morisaki is on a nostalgic journey to his High School reunion, he recalls a love triangle between him and two of his friends. Who succeeded? Will they be there too at the reunion? Needs to be found out. There are indications of a plot twist much later, making it an emotional yet spicy drama. Available to stream on Netflix.

Attack on Titan:

Attack on Titan Season 1 Trailer

Titans are man-eating creatures ruling the land for a century. The threatened humans formed another world by building a wall these monsters could not cross, but what happens when a Titan breaks the wall by mistake? Can the humans handle an apocalypse? Shall they run for their life or save their settlement? How will they handle the storm of giants? How can one deal with a Titan gnawing and savoring your family? Watch how Eren takes the quest of finishing every Titan and unleashes a battle. Available to watch on Netflix.

From Up on Poppy Hill:

From Up On Poppy Hill - Official Trailer

Are political and social dramas your cup of tea? Would you like History and Anime served on a platter? Then enjoy this film where Japan is recovering from the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, an economy is disrupted, and 1963 is the year which got the upcoming year’s Tokyo Olympics. Watch how multiple lives come together and face all challenges. Available to watch on Netflix.

My Happy Marriage:

My Happy Marriage | Official Trailer | Netflix

Like mystique and revenge? Are you in an aura of powerful female protagonists? Then try My Happy Marriage, where Miyo has a family who wants to push her down and stop her progress. Little does she know that there are powers that reside in her, making her special. This is when she, with her husband, unlocks her powers, turning her from a worthless nobody to a known somebody. The film can be streamed on Netflix.

Darker than Black:

Darker than Black trailer

Love detective dramas? How does it feel to work undercover for a syndicate? Hai is working under one to find her sister. But here, her paths cross with Mao, who is a contractor stuck inside a cat. Can Yin help him out and locate the target? Can Hai find her sister, and will their destinies meet?  Watch this drama on Amazon Prime Video.


Kakegurui | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

A limited mini-series of just two seasons, it follows the story of a modern education board. Ever wondered what schools would be like after 20 years? Watch this show and know better. Yumeko enrolls in the best academy to evolve as a personality, but the quest for rankings gets her anxious and confused. Watch how she makes her name amongst gambling wins, fame, and fortune lists. Available to stream on Netflix.

These suggestions will surely give you a taste of all genres, and types and give you an opportunity to decide what type of shows you prefer.