12 Best performances of Emma Stone

12 best performances of Emma Stone

Emma Stone is ‘wow’-ing the audience these days for her portrayal of a young Victorian woman, running around the world, exploring her freedom physically and mentally. Poor Things became one of the trending movies as the year is coming to an end.

The critics and rave reviews predict her role to be Oscar-winning and a sure nomination for the 2024 Academy Awards. A powerful actress, Emma Stone has done a lot of movies where she left her skills known to critics and fans alike.

So, check out this list of 12 of the best performances of Emma Stone to re-discover the actress and her journey.

La La Land

La La Land (2016 Movie) Official Trailer – 'Dreamers'

La La Land is a romance drama movie starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The movie is about a jazz player and a struggling actress. Emma Stone plays Mia, a girl who gives hundreds and thousands of auditions and slowly, she is failing in her dreams of becoming an actress with every rejection. Emma Stone got an Oscar for Best Actress for the movie.

Amazing Spider-Man

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3D - Official Trailer

Amazing Spider-Man is a fantasy, science fiction, and romance movie starring Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Playing the girlfriend of Spider-Man, Emma Stone’s character Gwen Stacy was immediately accepted by fans of Spider-Man and Marvel.

The Favorite

THE FAVOURITE | Official Trailer | FOX Searchlight

The Favorite is a historical comedy-thriller movie starring Emma Stone, Olivia Colman, and Rachel Weisz. The plot follows the sick Queen Anne and how her aide, Sarah’s cousin, Abigail (played by Stone) starts looking after her. Stone’s character is a richly dark and comic character, which shines for her schadenfreude nature throughout the film.

Easy A

easy a

Easy A is a romantic comedy movie starring Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, and Penn Badgley. Stone plays Olive Penderghast, the protagonist who is a virgin but lies to her best friend that she is going out on the weekend with a guy. This lie escalates when people get to know about it and think that she had s*x. Olive then decides to accept these allegations as true and embrace a confident side.



Zombieland is a horror comedy movie starring Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and Abigail Breslin. Emma Stone plays Wichita, a bold and confident woman who is on the run with her precocious young sister, Little Rock. Set in a zombie apocalypse, the sisters con men into giving up their weapons, vehicles, and food.

The Help

the help

The Help is a historical drama movie starring Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer. Set during the 1960s, Emma Stone plays Skeeter, a white woman at home after college and working for a boring newspaper. She wants to write a book and decides to convince the African American women who work as help for the families around to write their story.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

crazy stupid love

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a romantic comedy movie starring Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and Steve Carell. Stone plays Hannah, a recent law graduate with a steady boyfriend. At a bar, she gets hit on by a womanizer, Jacob, but she rejects it. But instead of a proposal, her boyfriend offers her a job at his firm, and she visits the bar again and ends up meeting Jacob again.

Battle of the Sexes

battle of the sexes

Battle of the Sexes is a sports comedy movie starring Steve Carell, Emma Stone, and Andrea Riseborough. Emma Stone plays Billie Jean King, a pro-tennis player who is troubled and irritated by the promoter, Jack Kramer, who reduces the prize of women tennis winners by one-eighth of that of men tennis winners.


Superbad (2007) Official Trailer 1 - Jonah Hill Movie

Superbad is a teen comedy movie starring Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Emma Stone. Emma Stone played Jules, her very first movie role. In this movie, two best friends, Seth and Evan, are graduating high school and will soon go to different colleges, so they decide to have fun on their last night of senior year.


BIRDMAN - Official Worldwide Trailer

Birdman is a comedy-drama movie starring Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, and Emma Stone. Emma Stone plays Sam, Birdman’s daughter, who is a recovering addict and a persistent flirt. Rigging Thomas, her father, used to be an actor who played a superhero called Birdman, and after the end of his career, he is still haunted by the voice of Birdman, who weaves illusions around him. In this midst, it’s only his daughter, Sam, who is the voice of reason and show stealer.



Cruella is a crime comedy movie starring Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, and Joel Fry. Emma Stone plays Estella, a girl who has half-white, half-black hair, and because of this, she is teased a lot, giving her a mean streak that is suppressed by her mother. But after she finds the identity of her mother’s killer, she totally gives in to her dark side, becoming Cruella de Vil.

Irrational Man

Irrational Man | Official Trailer HD (2015)

Irrational Man is a mystery crime movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, and Parker Posey. Emma Stone plays Jill Pollard, a young, impressionable college student who starts a fling with her college’s Philosophy professor, Abe Lucas. When at first his morose nature attracts her, she gradually grows to understand how dangerous of a situation Abe is.