13-year-old boy hit by a deer after chain collision with car

Deer accident
Credit: Pexels, Reference Picture

Deer accidents in New Jersey are alarmingly becoming an issue now that the human population is steadily increasing in the area, and several pathways that were meant for the free-grazing wildlife of deer are being taken up by humans. Several unwanted accidents are a result of this development.

According to a news release from the Hackettstown Police Department obtained by People, a thirteen-year-old boy was riding his bike along a wooded area in Hackettstown at around 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 10, when a deer suddenly thwarted out of the forest and collided with the boy, after getting hit by another vehicle, causing minor but considerable injuries to the human.

The police department reported to People that they responded to the 600 block of Willow Grove Street near Hackettstown Medical Center and Hackettstown Senior Housing and found the teen there, with injuries while the deer had already skitted from the scene. Police noted that the bike was damaged due to the collision, but the teen refused medical help even though he sustained minor injuries.

As reported by Lehigh Valley Live, People were notified that the car, which was also a part of the collision, left the scene as soon as the incident occurred, leaving the boy alone. After the incident, the authorities took active measures to ensure that the area of impact was polished and advised the people of New Jersey, especially motorists, to slow down and watch for “possible sudden movement,” watch for Deer Crossing signs and to use high beams after dark if there are no other oncoming vehicles. Additionally, Hackettstown police advise drivers not to swerve if a collision appears inevitable.

Just last month, People reported that another serious and similar incident took place due to the irresponsibility of the motorist who sustained major injuries, again caused by the sudden appearance of a deer out of the forest. People also reported an incident where a deer fell from a highway overpass on New Jersey’s Route 3 into a car on Route 21, breaking the car’s windshield and landing in the driver’s lap, police told ABC affiliate WABC-TV.

The hard impact caused the car to slam into a concrete wall and then ram into another vehicle traveling southbound, the authorities reported to the news outlet. Police told WABC-TV that the driver only suffered minor injuries from the incident.

It could have been a lot worse for the thirteen-year-old boy. He got lucky. Thorough protocol in the area provided by the authorities must be abided with to avoid freak accidents like these in the future.