14-year-old ‘noisy’ cat sets world record for the loudest purr


Felines are nature’s best gift for humans. Their cuddly nature, loud purring, and constant need for attention provide unannounced stability in the life of an emotionally wrecked human. In a way, they prove to be a support system.

People reported the curious case of a U.K. cat named Bella, 14, who set the world record for the loudest purr, recorded at 54.59-decibel on August 30, a comparable volume to a boiling pot kettle. Owner Nicole Spink told Guinness World Records, who registered Bella obtained via People, that her loud purr would sometimes drown the noise of their television, saying, “You have to turn the TV up so you can actually hear,” adding, “the sound of her purr blocks the sound of the TV in the evenings.”

Spink continued reiterating Bella’s purring habits to the Guinness World Records, “She purrs all day long! If there’s food around, or cuddles, she always purrs,” adding, “Some vets have made comments about how she is the only cat they’ve ever had purr in there.” The feline mom shared, “Everyone comments, ‘What’s that loud noise? Oh, it’s the cat,'” adding, “It’s just Bella being happy!”

However, Spink added that Bella may have had performance anxiety, judging from the doubts she was having on the day she decided to record her beloved cat’s purrs. “She’s a stubborn little old lady, and she does how she pleases,” she said, “it is very much Queen Bella’s world.” However, the cat’s mom provided the right motivation to Bella by helping her to a bowl full of her favorite Whiskas food, which automatically instigated her purrs.

Loudest Purring Cat - Guinness World Records

‘After sound engineers sound-proofed and miked Spink’s living room, Bella sat in her fuzzy bed and let it rip, easily surpassing the minimum sound intensity (50 decibels) needed to secure the record.'(obtained via People)

“Then she’ll ask my kids or anyone else who comes into the house for more food. Then she will sleep, and then she’ll want more food and cuddles. “Food and sleep is pretty much her life!” Spink added, “Technically, she’s an outdoor cat. She has a cat flap and all,” Spink elucidated more about Bella, “But as she’s getting older, she goes outside less and less. She might venture into the garden and smell the flowers, but nothing further than that.”

Spink shares her feline space with a more docile cat, Lola, People acquires. “He’s quite a scared cat. He’s pretty much scared of everything around him and likes to hide,” Spink added, saying, “Bella is much more outgoing. Anyone comes to the front door, Bella’s there straight away.”

People reported, “Before Bella, the world record for the loudest purr by a living feline was held by Smokey and Merlin, both of whom clocked purrs measuring 67.8 decibels. The cats have died since earning the honor.” Together, they still hold the title for the loudest purr by a domestic cat ever.