15 Best shows to watch on Netflix this week

fall of the house of usher

Welcome weekend and rest for our tired selves as it’s the perfect time to watch shows and lose ourselves in the magic of stories. Be it a documentary to increase your knowledge or a horror mystery to engage your mind, choose something to watch this week.

Including options of best shows to watch from both English and non-English TV shows available to stream on Netflix, the below list has it all. From animated sitcoms to spy thrillers, watch them to make your week more interesting.

So, here is a list of 15 best shows to watch on Netflix this week.

Bodies: Limited Series

Bodies | Official Trailer | Netflix

Scattered across different time periods in London, a murder at Long Harvest Lane entangled the lives of four detectives. A body with no fingerprint match, wound, or murder weapon appears at Long Harvest Lane suddenly, and the detective’s investigation leads to a rabbit hole of questions regarding the mystery of its appearance in past decades. It stars Shira Haas, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, and Stephen Graham.
Genre: Mystery, Time Travel, Thriller

Destined With You

Destined With You

A lawyer who is suffering a fatal family curse comes across a sweet and kind civil servant who just might be his savior. The duo find a book of spells written by a shaman in Joseon who was apparently killed by the lawyer’s ancestor. Starring Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah, Destined With You is a sweet romance story of reincarnation and magic.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Mystery, Supernatural

One Piece: Season 1

one piece netflix weekend

Luffy is on his journey to become the ‘King of the Pirates’ and his aim is to cross the Grand Line, the treacherous waters nobody has ever returned from, and find legendary pirate Gold Roger’s coveted treasure of One Piece. Along the way, he finds his crew, and his ship and makes some new friends while fighting other vicious pirates. One Piece stars Inaki Godoy, Mackenyu, and Emily Rudd.

Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy

Life On Our Planet: Season 1

Life on Our Planet | Official Trailer | Netflix

Becoming the 3rd, most searched Documentary currently, Life On Our Planet brings a visually stunning and mesmerising form of storytelling about the beginning of life on Earth and the prehistoric age. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the show’s executive producer is Steven Spielberg.

Genre: Documentary, Science Fiction

Strong Woman Namsoon

Strong Girl Nam-soon | Official Trailer | Netflix

Nam-soon is a strong girl, no doubt, because of her family’s legacy of women having strength, but Nam-soon is more a prodigy with super speed and the ability to defy gravity. The show follows Nam-soon and her family in their quest to investigate and eradicate the production of a deadly drug that is claiming its victims at a fast pace. Strong Woman Nam-soon stars Lee Yoo-mi, Ong Seong-wu and Byeon Woo-seok.
Genre: Supernatural, Comedy, Romance, Mystery

The Fall of the House of Usher: Season 1

fall of the house of usher

A pharmaceutical empire’s owner has to face his past and repent for his misgiving that led to his six children’s deaths in a span of one week in a gruesome and horrific way. With a perfect amount of suspense and horror, The Fall of the House of Usher stars Bruce Greenwood, Kate Siegel, and Rahul Kohli.

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller


doona kdrama

It is a bittersweet romance drama between a retired pop star and a college student who cross paths when they start living as neighbors in a college-shared apartment. Lee Doo-na is a lonely girl who is running from her past celebrity life and finds a companion in Win-jun, a college student. The show Doona stars Suzy Bae, Yang Se-jong and Shin Ha-young.
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Big Mouth: Season 7

Season 7 of Big Mouth follows a group of friends in their last months of eighth grade where they deal with problems related to high school pressure, being cool, getting in shape, and love. The show focuses on using comedy as a medium to talk about growth, sexuality and teen struggle.

Genre: Animated, Comedy, Romance

Surviving Paradise: Season 1

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale | Official Trailer | Netflix

During the dry season in the Kalahari Desert between June and August, the packs of wild animals struggle to find water sources in the dusty and dry desert, so they rely on each other and move together as families from point to point in their quest of survival. The nature documentary Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale is narrated by Regé-Jean Page and directed by Renée Godfrey.

Genre: Documentary, Nature

Pact of Silence

Pact of Silence | Official Trailer | Netflix

An abandoned baby girl grows up to be a social media influencer and uses her connections to get in touch with four wealthy women. She suspects that one of these women is her mother, who got pregnant as a teen and abandoned her in a small town due to fear of shame. Unraveling the past and the mystery behind her birth, the girl is looking for revenge in this Mexican drama.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Drama

Elite: Season 7

There is a wide gap between three scholarship students and a school full of elite, and breaching it will only cause mayhem. Elite is a Spanish drama revolving around the lives of impetuous and arrogant teens who feature in this fast-paced mystery drama. It stars Omar Ayuso, Valentina Zenere and Carmen Arrufat.

Genre: Teen, Drama, Mystery

Lupin: Part 3

lupin season 3

A face-changing thief is back on the streets of Paris out of prison after doing a brief stint and ready to charm the pants off his victims. Facing an old nemesis who may be responsible for his father’s death, Lupin is ready to face off the past and unravel hidden secrets. Lupin stars Omar Sy, Shirine Boutella and Ludivine Sagnier.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Creature: Limited Series

Creature | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Turkish Show Creature, inspired by Frankenstein, follows a young and ambitious girl who wants to become a doctor, but when she finds herself under the guidance of a scientist, she becomes obsessed with his experiments. The situation escalates when her mentor’s experiment gives birth to a monster.

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Spy x Family: Season 2

spy x family

Anya is back to her daily shenanigans of torturing her adopted father, teasing Damian, and having fun with her friend Becky. With a spy father and an assassin mother, Anya never has a boring day.

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Mystery

Beckham: Limited Series

david beckham

Everyone knows the name of David Beckham, but what made him the man he is today? The Documentary mini-series Beckham is a series of interviews of David Beckham and his wife, Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl who recount their harrowing journey of fame, success, and football. Inspiring and empowering, Beckham is one of the best shows to watch on Netflix this week.

Genre: Sports, Documentary