2-year-old girl dies after accidentally shooting herself


Gun laws are invalid unless followed through by citizens. In retrospect, maintaining arms at home with children involved should be banned altogether. Records show that most gun owners do not employ safe locks on their guns, which must be unloaded at all times. It is due to this irresponsibility that accidental gunshot deaths are a common occurrence every year.

The Virginia city police department received a distressing call at about 1:05 p.m. on Tuesday, where they answered to a shooting incident that took place at the 500 Block of Marcella Road, per a press release reported by People.

The release reiterates that upon arrival of the police, they discovered that the victim was suffering from a single gunshot wound. After that, she was transported to a nearby hospital, where they proclaimed her dead.

Via reports from the press release obtained by People, we learn that the 2-year-old girl was inside a residence when she discovered a loaded gun and accidentally ended up shooting herself.

As of Wednesday, no updates have been mentioned by the police or gathered by the press regarding the shooting case. However, we do know that there is an active investigation being carried out in this matter.